The Benefits of Nighttime in The Legend of Zelda

ZD writes:

Skyward Sword had one of the most beautiful nightscapes I’ve ever seen in a video game. For me, following Fi through the nighttime Skyloft near the beginning is one of the most breathtaking moments of the game. Hearing that amazing song, with the night sky and full moon, the occasional monster attacking, while looking off toward the town lights below, was visually impressive and highly enjoyable for me.

It’s a shame that Skyward Sword, more so than most modern Zelda games, shoved night off to the side.

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YoungKingDoran2087d ago

yeah no flying the gulls at night? who the hell made that decision?
had to fly somewhere at daytime, then sleep, then screw around, then sleep again.
i kept waiting for the ability to fly at night to open through the story, but it never happened.
other than that i really liked that game.