CVG - Is Single-Player Gaming Under Threat?

EA labels president Frank Gibeau stated in Sep 2012: "I've not green lit one game to be developed as a single-player experience," confirming what we've long feared - that all games are being forced online. He was quick to clarify his view, claiming to "believe passionately in single player games," as long as they "had an ongoing content plan for keeping customers engaged."

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Cam9772036d ago

Absolutely not. Just look at the MGS and Uncharted series.

WiiUalpha2035d ago

Great example. Two games with online multiplayer.....

Bluenuts92035d ago

I get what you're getting at totally, but what I believe he/she meant that those games have great single player games, and just happen to include multi-player. Single player is poor or not even focused on in a lot of games, which is sad!

kent800820072035d ago

oh yeah and people totally buy them just to play multiplayer

Cam9772035d ago

Bluenuts9 hit my point perfectly. People don't buy these games for MP do they? The MP is a nice addition to the series; SP is where it's at in these games.

WiiUalpha2034d ago

He might have got your point but it is still not a valid point. Those games are not single player only regardless of the reason people buy them. Resources that could have enhanced the single player were taken away in order to add a multi player portion to the game..

Is it really that hard to understand that when you are talking about single player only games, that they do not contain any online portion.

SMBWii is a game without any online portion at all

UNcharted has both single and multi regardless of why you buy it.

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itani2036d ago

One of the best games I've played this gen is single player only. Fallout 3 :).

schlanz2035d ago

There is definitely less focus on single-player only games, but that doesn't mean they are drying up completely. As long as there is a market of people that want those kinds of games, that demand will be met. Simple economics.

Hasanhastam2035d ago

With newly released games like dishonored and xcom?

Venox20082035d ago

well now these days there are lots of players who dont buy games if they are single player only .. not good..

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The story is too old to be commented.