Ocarina of Time vs. Majora’s Mask Part 1

ZD writes: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask are indisputably two of the most recognizable video game titles in history. Ocarina of Time transcends the competition as the highest-rated game on several aggregate review score websites and even won GameFAQ’s “Best. Game. Ever.” contest in 2009 as voted by fans. Majora’s Mask topped the list in GameFAQ’s equally popular “Game of the Decade” vote in 2010.

The two installments in the long-running Zelda franchise are commonly lauded as innovators, as gaming masterpieces and occasionally as works of art. Both used the same graphics engine, control scheme and similar character models. Majora’s Mask is the direct sequel to Ocarina of Time and both titles were developed for the Nintendo 64 console. It’s difficult to ignore the blatant similarities as the games are indefinitely intertwined as siblings. But which reigns superior in terms of overall appeal and universal approbation?

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MWH2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

agree if Ocarina of Time, disagree if Majora's Mask.

ladies and gentlemen, place your bets.

PygmelionHunter2114d ago

What is this? A Youtube/Facebook poll?

Whatever, I love both!

Capt-FuzzyPants2114d ago

Yeah, but if I disagree because of the concept of the voting he'll think I like Majora's Mask better. He's found a way to manipulate the system ):

MWH2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

and @Capt-FuzzyPants - it's called "the edge of coin" my friends ;- )

and oh, Ocarina of Time is winning!

Nac2113d ago

I don't know if it is as simple as that. I think OoT is the better game but I like MM so much more...

RivetCityGhoul2114d ago

Majora's Mask is better. but i also love ocarine of time.

Bimkoblerutso2114d ago

It really is. There's more variety, more side-quests, improved graphics, more and better characters, and the setting itself is overall a bit more original, given the "traditional" Zelda structure of OoT.

...but, it's like arguing that the Godfather Part II was better than the original. A good case could be made for part II, but only if you ignore the cultural impact the original had on the industry at the time. OoT was a game changer and MM was a refinement of that.

beerkeg2114d ago

Both are two of the best games ever made. Timeless classics.