Sexuality in The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda has always stayed true to previously established traditions. Sexuality in these games is no different, as the series has stuck to a rather strict “no sexuality” policy. This establishment recurs in Nintendo video games since the company typically develops family-oriented games that lean toward younger audiences. Zelda is overdue for the inclusion of more mature happenings and conversations. The Adventure of Link and Skyward Sword broke the mold, daring to hint that perhaps the relationship between Link and Zelda extends beyond their roles as foretold by prophecy.

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Lord_Sloth2152d ago

We don't need sex in Zelda. The mature thing to do here is to focus on the storytelling. We all know what sex is and it's fine just hinting that Link and Zelda kiss behind a tree.

DivineAssault 2152d ago

we all know what fighting is too, fishing, horse riding, etc is too.. I agree that link doesnt need to get any from zelda either but damn.. After all that, he should get a kiss on the cheek or something.. Damn i hope they evolve this series.. The upgrading of equipment was a nice start.. Now give NPCs voices & add more rpg elements

TheLyonKing2152d ago

I think to add a sexual element would tranish the game and not because it is too mature but because it is shifting the focus from what teh game is about.

What I love about this series is that apart from art direction it has never really deviated from what it is meant to do. The concept from the game was taken when the creater (Shigeru Miyamoto's) used to explore as a young boy in the hillsides where he lived and that exploration combined with storytelling I find is what makes a Zelda game so good.

Xof2151d ago

I agree with you completely.

I would, however, like some more overtly romantic moments. For games that are all about Link and Zelda, they really don't have much of (any kind of) relationship.

I really liked that about Skyward Sword.

But there are other elements whose improvement takes priority, I think. Sidequests, world design, etc,

brettski2151d ago

What a gay article. See what I did there?