Street Fighter Online: Fishhead and Fighting Trailers

GameTrailers: In this new version of the classic fighter series, you can now use your mouse to control your combatant!The simplicity of mouse usage opens up an entirely new dimension of this 2d fighter classic.

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DarkSniper3590d ago

Dark Sniper is more concerned on the PS3 version of Super Street Fighter II Turbo: Remix being completed. Not this pointless point and click Street Fighter. This game is nothing more than a distraction of what Capcom should be focused on bringing to it's Street Fighter fans.


REPLOID243589d ago

I would not want to play a fighting game that way. I'll stick to the sixaxis with rumble.

Salvadore3589d ago (Edited 3589d ago )

Was a little bit skeptical towards the mouse scheme, but after seeing these trailers, I am very pleased and I think Capcom took a very daring move to add this to a title like streetfigther.

P.S I still prefer the traditional control scheme

riksweeney3589d ago

Is this for real?! It's not an early April Fool is it?