Target Offering Mysterious $100+ Price Cut on PS Vita

Though this is not an official across the board price cut for the Playstation Vita, Target seems to have decided to begin, at least temporarily, offering the Vita for quite a discounted price.

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zeeshan2155d ago

Wow... think im gonna get me a vita.

JoGam2155d ago

I swear people better hop on this deal asap. Black Friday might have some similar deals but why take that chance? $180 is GREAT!

exsturminator012155d ago

Yeah, thought about it long and hard, but I'm still gonna hold out. I really want a wifi model, I don't need the 3g, and my hope is that they'll mark that one down to $150 at some point closer to Black Friday. $30 is saved is $30 on games instead of hardware. I WILL be picking up the Westinghouse 40" TV they have in the same sale. Been wanting something to hook up Steam Big Picture to.

gatormatt802155d ago

It says they're sold out online. But I think you can get them in store for the same discounted price.

CraigandDayDay2155d ago

If Sony does officially drop the Vita prices down to $149.99 for WiFi and $199.99 for the 3G/WiFi then that thing is going to start flying off shelves. With all the upcoming games and CrossPlay and CrossBuy games with PS3 combined with those price points, the Vita will really start selling like mad.

Blankman852155d ago

If if if, wait wait wait. All I ever hear about Vita's "incoming" success.

SilentNegotiator2154d ago (Edited 2154d ago )


Case in point; 3DS after price cut. Now shut it.

Hicken2154d ago

Oh, you. Don't you know closet trolling is still trolling?

darthv722154d ago

We can't assume that if the vita did drop officially that it would have the same success. Remember that one of the selling points to 3ds is it can play DS games.

We don't have that convenience with vita. At least...not with umd games. I don't know nor will I pretend to know that the increase in 3ds sales were in part to that convenience for those who already had a selection of DS games.

The price drop just helped people see it as a viable alternative to the ds. We just dont see that kind of situation with vita in relation to psp.

instantstupor2154d ago

Deal is now dead. Ahhhh, I wish I saw this earlier! You can see the price flash from "temporary price cut 179.99" back to the normal 299.99 price. WHYYYY?

ChronoJoe2154d ago

Sony can't afford to drop the price of the Vita anytime soon. It's sold at a loss as is, $150 as you guys are suggesting would put them in an even worse position financially than they already are.

They can't afford to turn the Vita, a product that will allegedly turn profitable in 3 years, into one that will turn profitable into 5 or more. At this rate Sony won't even be around that long.

They need to turn this around without practically giving it away. Basically.

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LackTrue4K2155d ago

this will make a great gift for my kid!!! do i need a contract for the3G???

HammadTheBeast2155d ago

Nope. But, you can also use tethering with non-3g or Bluetooth, I'm not sure which, to get same effects. But it's a hassle to hook it up with a phone and eats up data.

darthv722154d ago (Edited 2154d ago )

To what hammad said. Tethering is always a viable option but it depends on the carrier. Not all carriers offer it as part of a plan. Att charges extra to add tethering.

Its a Bluetooth connection to your phone and will suck up the data unless you have unlimited.

wastedcells2154d ago (Edited 2154d ago )

That's a great deal, don't listen to the haters. Get one! But not if a contract is involved for a carrier.

Xwow20082155d ago

180$ for 3G version with 8 GB memory..amazing price.

Ju2155d ago (Edited 2155d ago )

Needs a contract, no? (Serious question, I don't know). Or can you just pick it up and, say, not use 3G?

vikingland12155d ago

I don't think you have to use the 3G I am not positive though.You should be able to turn it off and only use Wi-Fi.

YourFlyness2155d ago

no need to use 3G. You cant even play games online over the 3G anyway.

Great deal though

Tired2155d ago

You don't have to use's not used for gaming. You're capped at 20mb per download. Don't know about U.S but in UK you don't have a contract it's pay as you go.
You only really use 3G for web browsing, messages, uploading scores to servers, downloading lbp levels and GPS.
People have tethered their Vita's to their phones quite successfully for multiplayer on the go.
Tried tethering Vita to phone to see if GPS portions of games would the monster tracker in didn't. So presumably that is not going to work for other upcoming GPS titles like [email protected] and the like.

admiralvic2154d ago

I have one and it's not required. You can buy a month to get Super Stardust Delta for free a month later (they cost the same, so it's not a bad deal), but thats about it. The only real difference is a sim card slot, so its a great deal.

GribbleGrunger2154d ago

Why do people think that you need a contract with the 3G version? You just use the Wifi option instead.

Conzul2154d ago (Edited 2154d ago )

I bought a 3G model out of the gate. Netflix and Multiplayer don't seem to work with the 3G connection, but Facebook, Twitter, Skype, GPS Maps, YouTube, Browser, and a few others work.

If you have a tethering phone and unlimited data, however, 3G version isn't really worth it.

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SynGamer2155d ago

Looks like Sony is finally smartening up and dropping the 3G model. Great idea in theory, but just not practical for gamers with the plans that we were offered. I love my Vita though and Tuesday is a great day with numerous games coming out.

Ju2155d ago

Why can't they just open the sim slot and allow people to go and buy what ever sim you want and get a data package with it. I never understood this. Obviously there is no price advantage with that anyway.

SandWitch2155d ago

You can do that in Europe

vikingland12155d ago

Are you getting Ragnarok Oddysey? I am, we should play it together if you are getting it.

SynGamer2155d ago

I want to get it, but it's not eligible for Target's B2G1 sale right now...

remanutd552155d ago (Edited 2155d ago )

wow thats an excellent price, you get the 3G version with an 8 GB memory card for $179.99. I want to see the 32 GB memory card priced at $49.99 or $59.99 so i can get one for my little nephew since im getting him Little Big Planet, Playstation All Stars Battle Royale and Ratchet and Clank Full Frontal Assault for christmas.

PhunnyJesta2155d ago

maybe target just wants to be nice xD

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