Final Fantasy VII: So disappointing, I deleted it from my PS Vita

2d-x writes: A few week ago I was eager to re-experience Final Fantasy VII after its release on PS Vita as a PSOne Classic. I report with no shame that I am unable to finish the game. It’s not due to Final Fantasy VII’s difficulty or failing to understand the Materia system–the game isn’t worth my time.

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Irishguy952088d ago

It's because you have lost the taste you once held and are now a weak minded casual gamer

Baliw2088d ago (Edited 2088d ago )

Come on, guys. Final Fantasy VII is an unfinished game...
You can't even get all the toy soldiers!

I beat the game back in the day and it was a complete mess.
Instead I love ff6, ff9 more.

Xanatos2088d ago (Edited 2088d ago )

Final Fantasy 7 was the game that made me completely regret getting a N64 instead of a psx back in the day, i remember watching the Opening FMV at my friends house and having my jaw drop. After selling my n64 and getting a psx i rented ff7 and beat it without a memory card, one of the most fun gaming experiences of my teen age years. So I ask you, why is the game a mess? Oh nevermind you are just hating because its the cool thing to do these days.

d0nni32088d ago

I can understand you not liking it but to call it a mess is a bit steep. Still my favorite along with FFVI!

Toy soldiers, what you mean the 1/35 toy soldier?!

YxUxNO2088d ago

I was under the impression that 1/35 was the size of the toy soldier... Not how many there were

stragomccloud2088d ago

You just named my favorite FF games~

Temporary2088d ago (Edited 2088d ago )


I remember getting a couple, doubt there were every 35 though, i do remember a reference to their height maybe in the description though.

knowyourstuff2088d ago

Yeah Final Fantasy is an outdated mess. Clunky and full of bad game design that fanboys were happy to put up with back in the day (and some even now), but really the only thing it has going for it is the story, turn based RPG's are all garbage IMO.

calis2088d ago

You could get 99 toy soldiers if you wanted. You get them from the Gold Saucer, the rollarcoaster shooting ride.

I know this because I tried it back when I thought it was possible to get Sephiroth's sword.

Pozzle2088d ago

YxUxNO is right. 1/35 is referring to the height of the toy soldiers, not how many yo can collect. It's a fairly common scale for realistic toy models...

pixelsword2088d ago

@ Xanatos

LOL You're not kidding: I remember when I first got a PS3 and that You're not "e" (red-e) disc: I put that thing in and played Mortal Kombat, Warhawk, Twisted Metal, and OMG, Loaded. I bought every one of those games and loved it.

But, this is the truth, I was so blown away that I felt like I had to return it! I was just a kid but that was a powerful step-up from the Jaguar.

MaxXAttaxX2087d ago

It is why we think games, music and games were better in the past. And it's why people dislike many new things. They feel like they're not making games and music for YOU anymore.

Baliw2087d ago

Love the disagree-fest, is ok.
But no hating the game. As I said in my previous post, I indeed beat up the game. It was a good and fun but it is really overrated.

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-Gespenst-2088d ago

Brainwashed by modern games, he's forgotten how to appreciate the classics. (Maybe he never even learned.)

Lord_Sloth2088d ago

He's just fishing for hits.

chrispseuphoria2087d ago (Edited 2087d ago )

I don't think that's a fair statement. He's just stating his opinion. He deleted Final Fantasy VII and he wants to explain why.

Blacktric2088d ago

I can't wait to read more articles about how some guy's temper tantrum/taste difference caused him to delete a game. We definitely need more articles like this.


GribbleGrunger2088d ago (Edited 2088d ago )

I love the fact that he didn't just write, 'Final Fantasy VII: So disappointing, I deleted it.' He could have bought it for his PS2, PSP or PS3, but NOPE, he wants to point out that he deleted it from his 'Vita'.

They're going to have to do better than that if they're going to jump on the negatrain.

tiffac0082087d ago (Edited 2087d ago )

I don't think the author was in anyway doing a negative piece on the Vita. He just simply does not like FFVII.

Reading through his article and the one before that. He never really liked FFVII to begin with, never finished it back in 1997 according to him. (since he was enticed in buying the game through all those TV ads)

So we just read an opinion that never changed for more than 2 decades.

legionsoup2088d ago

Eh - I didn't think it was that great even when it first came out. 6 was better on basically every level aside from graphics.

wishingW3L2088d ago (Edited 2088d ago )

you people are overrating FF6 way too much. I own and have beaten every single FF game that exist out there at least twice and while FF6 is one of the best is neck and neck with FF7. And FF6 has its fare share of huge flaws too.

StraightedgeSES2088d ago (Edited 2088d ago )

How are people making final fantasy 6 overrated when people want a remake of final fantasy 7?

Pillsbury12088d ago

You guys need to play front mission 3 ps one classic best strategy rpg And my most favorite game on ps one.

Kureno_Nakamura2088d ago

-people talking about FFVII peacefull
-idiot comes in with HURR FF7 IS OVERRATED

every fucking time

BinaryMind2088d ago

I don't understand what you wish to accomplish by deleting the file so eagerly. To resist the urge to give the game another shot?

miyamoto2087d ago

its not the PS Vita's fault then....

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360ICE2088d ago

Bet he didn't finish the game due to its difficulty or failing to understand the materia system.

dragonrage002088d ago

If you grind, the game is easy, if you dont, the game can be tough. I didnt grind, so Sephiroth was one hell of a fight, and I was a ff vet.

knifefight2088d ago

He's making a joke based on the blurb at the top of the story. Come on man, keep up.

caseh2088d ago


You didn't even need to grind, you just equip the materia that increases your max HP and i'm sure there was materia or an equipable item that would cause the limit breaks to come around ridiculously quick.

In a word FF7 was easy and boring in comparison to FF3/6. How it ever got the accolades its received i'll never know. Not saying this as its cool to hate, the game was just a bit crap considering what had come before it.

Pozzle2088d ago

"In a word FF7 was easy and boring in comparison to FF3/6. How it ever got the accolades its received i'll never know."

Uh...because it was the first 3D Final Fantasy game, the first mainstream RPG in the West, and it was practically unheard of for a game to be as large and "epic" as FFVII was. You need to remember that this game came out during the era when developers were still struggling with modelling their games in 3D, and FFVII not only had an immense and explorable 3D world but amazing-for-their-time FMVs and a story that was far more engaging and advanced than many gamers in the West had ever seen in a video game.

Seriously, don't people remember when this game was first released? I can understand not getting the hype nowadays, but back in the 90s this game was the pinnacle of what could be achieved on a PSone disc. Nobody ever thought such a huge and epic game could even exist.

caseh2087d ago


Nearly all of the other FF games made it to the west (Albeit USA rather than Europe)and anyone who knew their RPGs would have imported it (as I had to being based int the UK) so the only thing it really holds is the first FF game in 3D. Most gamers were either too naive, clueless or young to actually be aware that there were several games before FF7 despite the big number 7 on the case.

FF6 was vastly superior in story and content, the sheer scope of the game along with 20 selectable characters actuallly dwarfs what FF7 had to offer. Its an old argument as to what FF is the best, most will be based around nostalgia and the way I remember it is that FF6 was great, FF7 not so great. And when i've gone back to them recently, FF6 is running in an emulator on my phone that I play often, FF7 just looked horrific so not bothered playing it again. I would have thought that most who came up through the ranks of the FF series would not see FF7 as the better game.

I totally remember when it was released, I was hyping the sh*t out of it after pouring in well over 100 hours on FF6. Yeah, the 3D made quite a difference I can't deny that but since when is a games merit built on its appearance.

DragonKnight2087d ago

You both lose. FFIV is better than both FFVI and FFVII.

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wishingW3L2088d ago

he didn't even got out of Midgar!

YoungKingDoran2088d ago

I didn't read the article, but LOL if true. What a fool.

Whether you think FFVII is over rated or not, you can't deny the simple fact that it is a great game.

360ICE2087d ago

Just to add to the conversation, I played through FFVII for the first time on my PSP three years ago, and still thought it was fantastic. There's something about the mood and the world they've created, that will probably never get old.

Paul_Murphy2088d ago (Edited 2088d ago )

I think that had I played this at the time I would have been a massive fan, but playing it for the first time in 2012 has left me less than impressed. the story is amazing, don't get me wrong but visually and control wise I have been less than fulfilled. Maybe a remake, Square?

And for those putting the guy down, it IS ok to not like certain games, even those held in high regard. It's called opinion.

dorron2088d ago

I'm in the same situation. Playing it right now. Good game, but hasn't aged well IMO. Hoping for a remake so that I can really enjoy it...

dragonrage002088d ago

I have to disagree on that one. I really got into ff recently and Ive beaten quite a few and played good amount of the rest. VII dooesnt beat VI IMO, but its an fantastic game. The materia is one of the best customization systems Ive experienced, and the limit breaks are nice too. Unlike the author of this article, I loved the story. That said, the whole midgar portion shows really bad taste, and borders on disturbing (Don Corneo mansion). If you quit the game shortly after, you will get the wrong impression on the game. Also, the author says: "If the story doesn’t intrigue, you have nothing to fall back on. Navigating menus isn’t fun. Neither is watching the same spell/attack animations for the twentieth time". To me that translates into: "I dont like turn based RPGs".

brish2088d ago

My first Final Fantasy was XIII. I liked it but had no expectations going into it.

When I heard "it sucked compared to real FF games" I had to try the others. I bought them on psn. So far I finished VII and barely played the others.

I think nostalgia plays a big part in people's perceptions of the older games.

DA_SHREDDER2088d ago (Edited 2088d ago )


I think people who grew up playing rpg's since the NES days, like me, prefer the older, turn based battle system. Dragon Warrior 1-8, Final Fantasy 1-X, Skies of Arcadia(Dreamcast and Gamecube version), Crono Trigger, and Grandia 1-Xtreme all are timeless gems that nothing this gen can touch when it comes to quality. Said games were like advanced games of chess. But now 99.99% of rpg's are more like checkers, especially those turds that are called FF 13 and 13-2. Games that pretty much nerfed and trying to be what they were never meant to be (action rpg's) I don't know what the heck happened but I really wish there were at least some generic indy devs that would go back and make games like that again. Even if they were 8 bit.

Snookies122088d ago

@DA_SHREDDER - Yeah I agree, I'd love some old school style RPGs from indie devs. I really enjoyed Breath of Death VII, was a comedic and thoroughly enjoyable take on the RPGs of long ago.

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Capt-FuzzyPants2088d ago

I played it for the 1st time 2 years ago and I loved it. I agree that the graphics are awful in today's standards, but the gameplay will always be good, and the story was good even though I knew about the whole Aerith or Aeris thing.

Old McGroin2088d ago

Not sure it's fair to criticise a 16 year old games visuals now! If you had played it when it was first released you would have been blown away like everyone else was.

Paul_Murphy2087d ago

I did say that in my comment.

The whole game feels laborious though, it's very repetetive to move around. It's not about visuals as I still enjoy many "older" games that don't look all that.

This just felt clunky and everything together compounded the experience for me.

Shiny2088d ago (Edited 2088d ago )

I don't like Uncharted, LBP, Halo, Gears, Mario, Zelda, COD, Final Fantasy or a lot of other franchises but i'm not going to write an article about it.
EDIT: I forgot to add Metal Gear Solid, Killzone and Assassin's Creed.
Man, talk about overrated shit.
EDIT 2: I also forgot Playstation Smash Bros. and LittleBigMario Kart, the Sony Wiimote, the M$ Eyetoy or the Nintendo Waggle Like An Idiot.

Shiny2088d ago (Edited 2088d ago )

I also forgot the Wii Updrade and i bet i'll be adding the PS4 tablet controller to that list too.
AND the 3D-ouch my eyes hurt-S or the PS Mortis (know as Vita before launch.)

GreenRanger2088d ago

Take two of these and call me in the morning.

Bentert2088d ago

Wow gaming at your house must be fun.

ApolloTheBoss2088d ago

Let the race to one bubble begin!

Darth Stewie2088d ago

Shiny does not like video games he just likes trolling gamers on gaming websites.

GreenRanger2088d ago

He's gone and he took his tin foil with him.

MariaHelFutura2088d ago

Does this get you some kind of a pin or a medal?