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Submitted by knifefight 1198d ago | review

PS3 Review: Ni no Kuni Wrath of the White Witch | RPG Land

"It turns on the charm, the entertainment, and the fun from the first hours, and doesn’t turn them off throughout the entire duration of the sixty hours you’ll probably spend finishing it. Exploring the world map never gets old, the battle system stays thrilling, and the characters are lovable. Nothing about this game is phoned in. It contains the same elements and same spirit that made so many of us fall in love with the genre in the first place. It doesn’t have a complicated, emotional, life-changing message or story, but it doesn’t have to. It touches a deep vein of nostalgia and childlike wonder." -Janelle Hindman's review (Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, PS3) -

knifefight  +   1198d ago
Fantastic RPG.

Also, the image is a reference to the RPGLand front-page quote about the review, which says, "We don’t use numbers for reviews anymore, but this is our equivalent of the famed '10 out of 10,' and only the fourth game to get the rating at RPGLand."
Sev  +   1198d ago
Wow. That's definitely impressive. I'll have to take a look. Now I know why my friend Nick was so smitten by this game.
guitarded77  +   1198d ago
I'm so excited for this game to come to the States. Since Final Fantasy has deviated from what I loved about the series, I'm putting all of my hope for a great JRPG into Ni no Kuni.
izumo_lee  +   1198d ago
Did some checking & the games that has received this 'legendary' score are:

Final Fantasy 7
Valkyria Chronicles
Legend of Zelda - Wind Waker
Ni No Kuni

Though Mass Effect 1 did get a 10 also.
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raWfodog  +   1197d ago
This is the only game that I am looking forward to this holiday season (Jan 23 still counts, right?) and the only one in many years that I will be picking up on day 1. It is so important to show our support for this level of quality in an RPG so that we can keep them coming to the US.

Seriously, any RPG fan who complains that the genre is dying and no longer innovative should have this game on their must-buy list. If not, you should never have the right to complain again :)
DivineAssault  +   1198d ago
Thats awesome.. Theres plenty of extras & hidden areas to discover.. Side quests included makes it 60+hrs to complete so im happy.. Cant wait to get my hands on this one... It looks beautiful & ive been waiting on a jrpg like this since i bought my PS3.. Xiliia im sure will be awesome too
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GribbleGrunger  +   1198d ago
100 hours if you do everything! That's what I love about Level-5

' Even after the main game is finished, there are still 100 hidden treasure chests, seven pirate memorials, and sixteen hidden villages on the world map to discover; an Imajinn battle league to conquer; a magic spell book to complete; a casino with slots, minigames and a cutscene theater; postgame quests and bounties to hunt down; alchemy recipes to find; and Golden Imajinns to catch. Full completion of the game will require at least 100 hours from most people.'
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Acquiescence  +   1198d ago
I need this game so bad...
I've got the Collector's Edition pre-ordered already, now it's just the waiting game. I'm hoping this is the JRPG that brings me back to the glory days of the PS1 era.
Arcanine  +   1198d ago
WooW i want
belac09  +   1198d ago
Ni No Kuni and Tales of Xillia are going to be my masters for a long time.
Relientk77  +   1198d ago
Can't wait for this game. Getting it in January when it comes out in the U.S.

wastedcells  +   1198d ago
Looks like the return of RPG greatness.
Capt-FuzzyPants  +   1198d ago
I think you mean JRPG greatness. Those silly WRPGs have been more numerous and successful than JRPGs this gen.
LiViNgLeGaCY  +   1198d ago
I'm calling it now. This is going to be the greatest RPG this gen. Quote me!
Shikoro  +   1198d ago
I sooo want you to be right and that Level 5's work pays off after getting their reputation slammed for WKC 1/2... :(
raWfodog  +   1197d ago
It's definitely going to stuck in my PS3 for a loooong time. I'm seriously not going to be playing anything else until I complete this game 100% and that's where the loooong time comes in because I'm a husband and father busy with wife, kids, school, and work so I only get to play video games mainly on the weekends.

After others have already long finished the game, I'll probably still be in the early stages. But I don't care :)
sdozzo  +   1198d ago
The whole thing looks great but why the little kid thing. Feel like Sandusky playing this game. Make it look like Skyrim or Dark Souls and use these gameplay mechanics.
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Parapraxis  +   1198d ago
Have you watched many Ghibli films?
Some of the best stories ever, and most feature kids as the main characters. The fact you bring this up shows your maturity.
suicidalblues  +   1198d ago
for the love of god, dont make it look like skyrim (or every other western rpg). isnt it bad enough that almost every fps looks the same this generation?
VsAssassin  +   1198d ago
Well, this game is of its own, and we, the JRPG fans, have been all so eager for something like this. Wishing NNK to be more like Skyrim or Dark Souls just to appeal to that particular audience is out of the question. If you want Skyrim or Dark Souls you're free to play them.

As a JRPG fan, I'm so delighted that this game gets a 10 ouf 10 from RPGLand. I will get this game no matter what just to show how I love what Level-5 is doing. That is braving the gaming scene with a not-so traditional JRPG and doing great at it. Kudos to Studio Ghibli too!
knifefight  +   1198d ago
Geez, looks like the Disagree Bots came through here and sprinkled somethingsomething down on everyone, yikes.

Aw well, haters gonna hate, I guess.
raWfodog  +   1197d ago
The majority is still vastly positive so there's still hope for humanity. But yeah, hating on this game shows that they are very sad people out there :)
izumo_lee  +   1198d ago
My god every time i see the presentation of this game it blows my mind of how beautiful this game looks.

Reading this review makes me remember what it was like back in the old days when JRPGs were at its highest peak & what made them so enduring in the first place.

The wait for Ni no Kuni is so long it is almost unbearable. I hope other reviewers look at this game in the same light as this review. JRPGs do not need to be some flashy westernized exploitation like many of them out this gen.

JRPGs of the past drew you in with its emotional attachment to the story,characters, & made you care to continue playing to the end. There is not a lot of these out but it looks like Ni No Kuni will be another game to do just that.
xyxzor  +   1198d ago
Is this in fully Japanese, or does it have English for those who import it?
knifefight  +   1198d ago
The import version is Japanese, but the game is scheduled to come out in NA and Europe in "early 2013." Pick this action up when it does.
MWH  +   1198d ago
that's great alright. so then, i hope level-5 will have enough cash to fund Dark Cloud 3.
False-Patriot  +   1198d ago
Preordered the Wizard Edition. This game will be the best JRPG of the generation.
kwiksilver99  +   1198d ago
a well written certainly piqued my interest in the game.will definitely check it out
raWfodog  +   1197d ago
I enjoyed reading the review also. It seemed to go more in-depth than others I've read. I also liked how it was able to report on some lightly negative aspects but still not trash the game for it. Nothing's perfect but hopefully this game will come really close.
3-4-5  +   1198d ago

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