Level Up Exclusive: Will Wright Gives the Scoop On Why Spore Is Taking So Long to Get Right - And Why It Will Be Worth the Wait, P

N'Gai Croal of Level Up writes: In Part I of our world exclusive Q&A with Maxis chief designer Will Wright, we discussed what caused Spore to overshoot his original projected release date by nearly two years; how Facebook, YouTube and Flickr became metaphors to navigate user generated content withing the game; and why hardcore gamers shouldn't worry that Spore isn't "game-y" enough for their highly advanced palates. In the second and final part of our interview, Wright shares some tidbits on the Wii version of Spore; explains the machinima tools; and reflects on the irony of building a revolutionary title on the back of classics like Pac-Man and Civilization. Enjoy.

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