Call of Duty Black Ops II already for sale (In Slovakia)

It looks like a lucky gamer got his hands on retail copies of Black Ops II almost 3 weeks early.

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b_one2033d ago

lol activision will nuke them ;D

Cam9772033d ago

We can probably expect a leaderboard reset before launch then.

optimus2033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )

I never knew they did that until i got assassins creed 3 this past friday and it actually has a reset countdown for each leaderboard...i thought it was kind of cool.

I live in california and i know a "mom and pop" shop that usually breaks street dates.

mafiahajeri2033d ago

I get it 2 to 4 days early every year and they never reset it :D

gatormatt802033d ago

It was leaked on the torrents that same day. Ironic...

Cam9772033d ago

That is actually quite cool. Last time I experienced a stat-reset was back in 2009 with MW2 because I got the game early.

supersonicjerry2033d ago

Me to i'm guessing it starts with G and ends with play?

gatormatt802033d ago

Does Gameplay charge extra to pick it up early?? I noticed on their Facebook page that they're selling it already.

optimus2032d ago

@supersonic... U guessed right.
@gatormatt... No, they don't... You can put a $5 deposit to reserve it... They have gotten games almost 2 weeks early in the past... Happened with modern warfare 2 and street fighter 4... The only downside (for most) is that you don't get any special pre-order bonuses like the major stores...

They're expecting halo 4 nov. 2nd but i may hold off a couple of days as i am liking amazon's bonus at the moment.

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geth1gh2033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )

They never reset MW2 on the 360 when everyone had a pirated copy 2 weeks early. So I doubt it.

They threatened but never did it. You know why? Because some of those people got the game legitley from stores. Therefore the blame falls on the people that sold it to them and not them.

They were smart enough at the time to not punish people that actually paid for the game and if they are smart they will keep that logic.

Either way though whatever. Like I plan on buying another COD game when they can't even put in the effort to change the engine that has been used for 7 games straight.

GamingManiac2033d ago

I've had every CoD since MW2 at least a week early and they have never reset the leaderboards.

geth1gh2032d ago (Edited 2032d ago )

Lol a disagree with a true statement?? Gotta love the internet.

I also had it (MW2) almost 2 weeks early and you are correct, they did not reset the leaderboards

WeskerChildReborned2033d ago

That is if somebody is stupid enough to get on when no one is really on.

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badvlad2033d ago

in slovakia we make release date

b_one2033d ago

in germany they do the same ;)

GamingManiac2033d ago

That's the one thing I miss about Germany...

pr0digyZA2033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )

In South Africa we're always late.

bloodybutcher2033d ago

in soviet russia you don't get release date. release date gets you.

2033d ago
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