MSNBC: The High Definition Format War is Over

Paul Hochman explains the battle between Blu-ray and HD-DVD

If you're a fan of epic drama, you probably don't think about the consumer electronics industry, where the battles are usually fought on the microscopic level: the smallest hard drive, the tiniest transistor, the fastest chip.

But a few weeks ago, a much bigger battle - the one being fought for your entertainment dollar - may have finally been won. And it's going to affect you immediately. The decisive shots in this conflict were fired just two days before the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, on Jan. 4.

The result: Americans are about to throw the full weight of the $23 billion they spend every year on DVD rentals and purchases toward one, new, winning movie format.

The winner is: the new DVD disc format called Blu-ray. The loser: a format called HD-DVD.

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Joey Gladstone3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago ) other MSNBC news a man was found Beating a Dead Horse With a Stick today.....more on this developing story at 6:00P.M.....
...."The JOEY has Spoken"

season0073777d ago

we all knew this...this is nothing news-worthy..

If paramount and Universal is changing to support both format or exclusive to blu-ray, thats news.Otherwise, we don't need anymore of these!

marinelife93777d ago

It's actually slightly newsworthy because as the blogger states in his article MSNBC is owned by Microsoft and NBC Universal.

I bet Ken Graffeo is calling for that man's resignation.

pharmd3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

I, too, feel this is a good story because the average consumer may be in the dark about this. I know we all know very well whats going on but I can't help but feel bad for people buying these HD-DVD firesale items. This is a more public news site and will help influence the average joes out there.

I do feel that they need to give up, the fight is over, they should stop tryin go sucker our peoples money when they know they lost....IMO

actas1233777d ago

This article is an early indication Universal is going blue exclusively. U'll see its gonna happen and it won't be long.

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MaximusPrime3777d ago

here in UK, it seems bluray is becoming wellknown.

HMV added two more rows for the Bluray and cut down two rows from HDDVD.

In newspapers everywhere, advertisement for upcoming films on DVD also included Bluray. No signs of HDDVD.

Well HDDVD is dying or had already died.

TheExecutive3777d ago

I am sick of these news stories. Universal and Paramount need to jumpm ship. thats all i care about. seriously, where is my bourne series already?

Baba19063777d ago

in germany tv i have been seeing a lot talk about blu ray lately. they are also starting to give bluray movies as gifts in tvshows, and bluray players. most of the big stores for movies, music and so on, are not selling hddvd anymore.

Skerj3777d ago

Funny that MSNBC is reporting this too, so it really is close to being over. And the children rejoiced and tacos were had by all.

Mc1873777d ago

but can i have a quesadilla instead

Skerj3777d ago

We're only stocking the chicken and beef filled ones, if you just want cheese then you'll have to make due.

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The story is too old to be commented.