Naruto Storm 3 – 2012 London MCM Expo Gameplay

Footage of Darui vs Sasuke, Mifune vs Naruto, Darui vs Hanzo, Minato vs Naruto, Darui vs Hanzo, and Minato vs Naruto.

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tayz1999d ago

i hope this demo comes to us soon at home!

Shadonic1998d ago

CLASHING!!!!!!!! please come back

1998d ago
ForNgoods1998d ago

quick question, has anything been mentioned about the story mode in this game? read the reviews for generations and heard it was lacking so I skipped it but hope the story mode in this version is as good as storm 3.

DoomTater1998d ago

The story mode will be like Storm 2. I didn't like the story mode in Generations but this one will be sick!

WeskerChildReborned1998d ago

This sucks that all that was announced was a limited edition and it's only for Europe which is kinda a bummer but i heard their will be news coming at the very end of this month so let's just wait and see.