PS Euphoria Cast Episode 16 + An Interview with Warren Spector and Marv Wolfman (Epic Mickey 2)

In this latest episode we come back from a 2 week hiatus talking about the news you all care for. The topics for this week are all about All-Stars and our editor Chris has a nice chat with Warren Spector, the creative director and Marv Wolfman, the co-writer of Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two. They talk about Epic Mickey 2 and the video game industry's take on violence. This and more on the Euphoria Cast!

What we discuss:

The “All Star” trailer
The Walking Dead gets Standard and Collector’s Editions
New BioShock trailer
Firmware 4.30
Darkstalkers Resurrection Coming to PSN in 2013
God of War Ascension Beta on PS Plus this Winter

Main Topic:
Our Impressions of the PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale Public Beta

Secondary Topic:
An Interview with Warren Spector and Marv Wolfman from Epic Mickey 2 (Junction Point Studios)

What we’re playing

NOTE: The interview with Warren Spector and Marv Wolfman, written and voiced, will be individually posted during the weekend!

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