Nintendo Confirms You Can Friend Strangers Via Miiverse For Wii U

Like the Nintendo 3DS, Wii U will feature friend codes so that strangers won’t be able to purposely harass dutiful gamers. You can, however, become Wii U buddies with strangers via Miiverse, according to Nintendo President Satoru Iwata. Iwata says Wii U players can friend people on Miiverse who share similar interests.

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Optical_Matrix2090d ago

Welcome to 2005. Seriously, the lack of information we have about exactly how the Wii U's online infrastructure will work so close to launch is worrying. Nintendo aren't serious really. If they really plan on re-capturing the core audience they lost to PlayStation and Xbox then Online should have been top of the agenda at E3.

It takes years to build up a competent Online service. Remember PSN in 2006 compared to what it is now? Remember XBL in the original Xbox days? Nintendo just don't seem to be taking online seriously at all and it really worries me to some degree.

Bluenuts92090d ago

So you have to have similar things in common, ie you've played black ops and maybe another game similar, to me that's not a huge deal. I do wish Nintendo would release a little bit more, but I get one aspect of why they don't...anticipation. I foresee a bunch of info coming out in the next few weeks to reassure you and displease some (<Nintendo haters *cough cough*), so don't worry too much.

xflo3602090d ago

ok im confused?! so when im playing say black ops 2 online what will it show as my nintendo gamertag? cuz obviously it cant show the number. Do u have a tag akin to xbox live/ psn?
Does it mean if i want to add a friend i have to actually ask them for their friend code? if so its such a crazy way of doing it.

metroid322090d ago

Yes u do a Nintendo Network ID its been said already ?

EPIKgamer2090d ago

Its like steam, plain and simple

Gamesgbkiller2090d ago

so before that you friend with friends ?
sorry . i didn't own WII or 3DS .
What was it like ?

FinalomegaS2090d ago (Edited 2090d ago )

Having a nintendo ID tag (general tag and not a 3rd party tag)sounds great, i guess jumping into a game with strangers and adding them in game or on the miiverse overworld by clicking on them and adding isn't bad.

frankly i've never had problems meeting good players online so i'm not worried, of course we'll have those bad apples floating around lol (show me the ban button)

Would like to add something: when we play on live and PSN, adding friends with common gaming habits was based off what games we've played recently. So this is about the same thing.

Blizzard has it that you both have to type in the user account name or email, or if you played with someone in a previous game you can just click a button.

FC or an email it's almost the same thing but nintendo gets a lot of hate, don't see the Diablo fans ripping Blizzcon.

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The story is too old to be commented.