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Click Online: "It’s fair to say that Sports Champions 2 has turned out to be something of a surprise for us. We were expecting yet another sports mini-game, but instead found a title that offers incredible depth and variety, as well as some impressive use of the Move controller. We’d even go so far as to say that it’s a must-have for all Move owners – and that’s a sentence you don’t hear too often!"

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G20WLY2116d ago

My other half loved the first one and this one is apparently even better. It's only like £16 too, so this one's definitely going on her Christmas list ;)

To be fair, even I, a supposedly "hardcore" gamer, got properly hooked on table tennis and couldn't stop until I got all the rewards unlocked. It was actually tough going, but adding top/back/side spin was satisfyingly addictive in a way you don't expect from motion controls!

killasouljah2116d ago

I think they should of Brought back table tennis. that was the best on the first one.