Why was Slender so Successful?

What exactly made Slender as popular as it is? Is it because it’s a good game, or is it just treated like a meme? Would people have paid for it? Is this an indication of changes to come in the horror genre? And more importantly, does urine stain jeans?

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Godmars2902087d ago (Edited 2087d ago )

Its simple. Simple and cheap.

geth1gh2087d ago

3d vision in it was pretty damn good too. Some A grade titles like borderlands 2 still have issues with 3d vision.

Knight_Crawler2086d ago

9GAG...You will not believe how many 9gagger played this game.

Toadsanime2087d ago

You raise a good point there, I have a bad habit of simply spelling it as 'Youtube' for some reason. Thanks!

Godmars2902087d ago

Yeah, more than a decent backdrop/prop for a Youtube comedian.

Blastoise2087d ago

Cos it was free? And actually kinda creepy

IAMERROR2087d ago

It is simple, fun, and free. Not to mention it was based off of a popular meme.

Detoxx2087d ago (Edited 2087d ago )

The concept was just amazing. The music building up as you got more pages, Slender being behind you when you looked.. And the game is proof that graphics don't matter in a game *Edit: It also made you crap your pants

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The story is too old to be commented.