Original Gamer Review - Silent Hill: Book of Memories "Silent Hill: Book Of Memories isn't a survival horror experience like every Silent Hill title before it. Rather, it's a dungeon crawler with Silent Hill inspired levels and enemies.

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ritsuka6661940d ago (Edited 1940d ago )

It is not Silent Hill, it is more like Diablo 3 or something. Anyway,all the fans asked for it to be canned, you did not listen Konami. Let the bad reviews pour in now...

lilbroRx1940d ago

Silent Hill is nothing more than a name now. Only namesake fans who will buy anything with the name placed on it will buy these abominable newer games.

I missed the days were gaming was about more than trying to appeal to markets, a time when developers simply made the games they wanted to make then tried to market them to people.