'Borderlands 2's' SHiFT Codes can do more than give out Golden Keys

Stick Skills: "Speaking on Twitter, Randy Pitchford, President of Gearbox has confirmed that SHiFT is capable of more."

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dooge2000d ago

Random dude: "Are the shift codes going to be used for anything else?"
Pitchford: "Yes."

Sums up the entire article.

Wigriff2000d ago

Thanks for saving me the time. :)

toxic-inferno1999d ago

Dude, I thought you were being sarcastic! Can't believe that was basically the article!

Reibooi1999d ago

I bet they could be used to give out certain pieces of gear instead of the random stuff from the Golden Chest. Or possibly even more bank or inventory slots although someone asked about that on Twitter and Randy said it wasn't as simple as it sounds to just add more. Which would probably explain the lack of more new slots in the Captain Scarlett DLC.

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HammadTheBeast1999d ago

Could it be DLC....for Free...

pixelsword1999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

Would have been nice if the "article" addressed and answered that.

LuCifer8451999d ago

lol yea that was pretty on point. i wouldn't even consider it and article at all

GuyManDude1999d ago

This seems pretty obvious considering Randy has said many times that these shift code drops are "tests" or that they're "testing and fine tuning the shift system". Generally speaking, when you test a content delivery system it's usually done to ready it for something else. What that something will be remains to be seen.

1999d ago
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