Nintendo's Scott Moffitt - Wii U features & functionality ready at launch

"Do you still have questions about the features and functionality of the Wii U?

How does Miiverse work? What about the Wii U's eShop games and details? Does the Wii U video chat feature function like the Wii Speak Channel? How about Wii U online multiplayer details? Will every Wii U system feature and functionality we know about be ready when the system launches?

These may be some questions about the Wii U you're wondering about, as I am myself.

Brew yourself some coffee, and hit the jump to listen to Nintendo of America's Bill Trinen's statement about Miiverse being covered in "more detail", and Nintendo of America's EVP of Sales & Marketing Scott Moffitt's response about the Wii U having all features and functionality "right at launch"!", writes CoffeeWithGames.

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tweet752091d ago

why werent questions asked about nintendo using the artifical shortage marketing strategy at launch to increase demand for the console?