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Shaman1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

Well this looks legit. Oh black/hispanic guy too?We are going to have two protagonists? Dogs?? Oh my... Would be great! One older and one younger, like Walt and Jessie...

BTW, that new artwork looks fucking boss. R* North artists, talented as f***.

Just PS360? Why Rockstar Why? :(

Abash1974d ago

Expect a lot of the big spring releases to get delayed now in light of this news

Hydrolex1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

It's either in March or April ! I promise you that

Cam9771973d ago

Tomb Raider was delayed, right? I see another delay for that game on the horizon.

BitbyDeath1973d ago

Considering every big game we know about releases within the first 6 months of next year i'd say their isn't room to push them back.

Nextgen is coming.

RivetCityGhoul1973d ago

i really hope there is two protagonists. it would be like a "both sides of the fence" scenario. the rich and the poor. i can't wait till this game comes out.

MrBeatdown1973d ago

I'm hoping they do what they did with GTA4. One character in the main story, and new characters in DLC episodes.

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DeadManMcCarthy1973d ago

I think Max Payne 3 was a testrun for hispanic and white protagonist and a hint towards GTA V.

crimsonfox1973d ago

This is one of the dumbest posts I have seen in a while congratulations. Also a hispanic lead was already done by R* in the ballad of gay Tony. Although I personally like to think Max Payne 3's shooting mechanics will be used in GTA V. I think they are really good especially online.

Knight_Crawler1973d ago

@Shaman - Lets hope we dont have to take care of the dog, I do not want to:

Take my dog to the vet
Take my dog for a walk
Pick up dog poop
Bathe my dog
Train my dog not to poop in my studio apartment
Spade or Neuter my dog
Feed my dog
Teach him tricks

GTA 4 was going the Sim directions which sucked.

paybackprahl1973d ago

The only thing that made GTA 4 more "sim" than San Andreas were the friendship you had to maintain. Clothing, hygeine, body health, RPG development... all of those "sim" elements were in San Andreas and removed for 4.

showtimefolks1973d ago

Hold up how is Thai leak when most GTA fans could have guessed sprint 2013

But really excited, can't wat to find out about collectors edition

Awesome_Gamer1973d ago

Shit, Ghost were right lol, for those of you wondering, GTAGhost is a member on Gtaforums that kept saying the hispanic guy is one of the protagonists since the trailer debuted i think, nobody believed him, even i didn't believe him at first haha.

Cam9771973d ago

It will surely come out on PC at a later date. I believe that this is probably true anyway.

AzaziL1973d ago

Ironic isn't it, PC was where it all started yet we now have to wait a year or two later than consoles.

Outside_ofthe_Box1973d ago

R* and Take Two are going to maximize their profits on the console first, then release it on PC. If they release it on PC on the same day as consoles they are going to lose a good portion of sales due to people pirating the game on the PC.

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WildStyles1974d ago

Well damn, this is legit folks.

ainsz1974d ago

Great news and bad news! Can't wait to get it day one one on console and I'm sure it'll arrive for PC a 'few months or so' after.

blue_cheese1974d ago

wow REAL GTA V news...i'm impressed lol. btw artwork looks sweet!

coolmaster1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

wow REAL GTA V news...i'm depressed now. btw artwork looks sweet!

Outside_ofthe_Box1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

Get ready for more REAL GTA V news next month!

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