Assassin's Creed III Includes Microtransactions

WorthPlaying writes, "If this week's XBLA and PSN store updates for Assassin's Creed III are any indication, you won't have to wait until Watch Dogs for microtransactions to appear in your Ubisoft games. They should be ready and waiting for you in Assassin's Creed III, which is hitting store shelves this week."

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dazzrazz2159d ago (Edited 2159d ago )

Ubisoft making money of idiots !

jwk942159d ago

Tthe irony in this post is astounding.

gaffyh2158d ago

Some people have more money than time, some people have more time than money. As long as you can obtain this credit in game, I see no issue in offering it up on the store for real money. In fact, I'd hope every developer does this if their game can offer it.

jwk942158d ago

I wasn't talking about the game lol. It was the grammar.

mochachino2158d ago

It's obviously a typo, I'm sure he knows how to spell off...grammar troll.

Muffins12232159d ago (Edited 2159d ago )

This is Horrible,i thought this would only be for mobile games and fuckin facebook games,my god if this continues gaming will be ruined.

lashes2ashes2159d ago

I'm all for stupid or lazy people giving all there money to companies, doesn't hurt me and I find stupid people funny to find a way to tax stupidity to fix the government.

AO1JMM2159d ago

How are they stupid or lazy?

lashes2ashes2159d ago (Edited 2159d ago )

I find it stupid to pay 60$ for a game and then pay more to unlock everything, That's my opinion.

AO1JMM2159d ago (Edited 2159d ago )

Funny how I got disagrees for asking a question.


I just wanted to know more of your opinion is all. I agree for the most part but I also see it from the other side as well. A lot of gamers just like there games alot and are willing to pay for extras even if some gamers see it as being milked or stripping content out of a complete game. ( I also disagree with that crap)

ultimately it is all about what you as a gamer see value in.

sazzrah2158d ago (Edited 2158d ago )

AO1JMM, you got disagrees because you appear to have not read the article.

What they have added to the PS Store and XBL Marketplace is 'Erudito points' which you can buy in different quantities. These points unlock in game normally as you level up (I believe in the online multiplayer) so that you can buy equipment, outfits etc... Buying them on the store this way means you don't have to level up to get them. Hence why people are saying these microtransactions are for 'stupid and lazy people'.

I don't see a problem with Ubisoft offering these to people, you can play the game as intended and get them or pay up and get them early. *shrugs*

likedamaster2158d ago


You're stupid for expecting anything more than stupidity from N4G commenters.

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Knight_Crawler2159d ago

So your calling people stupid for spending there money how they want to -_-

I can drive a Civic but I own a BMW M3
I can eat at Burger King but I eat at Long Horns
I can shop at WalMart but I shop at Calvin Klein
I can play on PSN but I play on XBL
I can pirate music but I buy them on iTunes

I do this stuff because I can afford it and not because I am stupid.

lashes2ashes2159d ago

And all of that has what to do with people blowing money to unlock game content they can just as easy get from playing the game. I don't see how they are anything a like. Now if you bought a m3 because you were told its fun to drive.. And then hired somebody else to drive it for you then yes I find that to be stupid. I also find people that buy a game and jump through all the story line to get to the next kill kill kill part to be stupid to. My best friend does that and I have told him its stupid lol. It's my opinion.

papashango2159d ago Show
Knight_Crawler2159d ago

"And all of that has what to do with people blowing money to unlock game content they can just as easy get from playing the game"

Some of us work for a living and have a social life outside of gaming - I can only play video games for 2 hours max a day and some times can only play 3 day a week so I can see where this would come in handy foe someone like me.

Thats good that some people can come home from school or stay home all day and play video games but not everyone is that fortunate.

Its optional and you should not be calling people stupid for doing it.

taquito2159d ago Show
GrahamGolden2158d ago

"knight_noobcrawler" Then you woke up.

sazzrah2158d ago

I do wonder at you being able to afford those things, what kind of job do you do? Must be something that doesn't require thinking too heavily because your response is utterly irrelevant and makes no logical sense whatsoever.

People are suggesting that it is stupid to pay for something that you 1. have already paid for (the method of obtaining Erudito points exists within the game already) and 2. can easily access for no additional charge. They are not saying, as you insinuate, that people are stupid for paying for something more expensive when a cheaper alternative does the job just as well.

Also, about that... Calvin Klein? Seriously? Could you be anymore cliché? lol... No one is buying this little fantasy story you've made up for yourself, FYI.

When it comes to the 'some of us have jobs and social lives' argument - you're just showing yourself up even more. If you haven't got time to spend an hour or two on the multiplayer to level up yourself, then why the hell are you buying a game that is 40-odd hours long? Playing the main game will almost certainly take you far longer than reaching max level in the multiplayer if Brotherhood and Revelations are anything to go by. Why not wait for Ubisoft to sell an unlock code for the main game too? One that just turns AC3 into a long cutscene movie removing all the pesky free-roaming and combat that you have to do to progress in the story... I mean, you have all that social life business to get on with and a job to go to, amirite? Buying that after already paying for the main game would be perfect for someone so busy like you and totally not stupid at all! ;)

mochachino2158d ago

You are definitely insecure and empty if you require overpriced brand names and powerful cars you'll never be able to really experience to feel good about yourself or find meaning in your existence... or maybe it makes you feel superior, either way, you've just another sucker raised to buy things they don't need to feel a sense of self-worth.

What are you working for? To be another spoke in BS consumerist culture and make a few people really wealthy selling crap wrapped in a nice package.

Corporations own your soul.

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Grimhammer002159d ago

I haven't read the article. But if its paying for early unlocks....

Blastoise2159d ago

"The next generation will offer more and more item-based content. This will benefit our games' profitability"

Really not liking the sound of this.

HappyCamper1722158d ago

That's what free to play games do and I'm ok with that but only if it's FREE TO PLAY not 60$ game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AzaziL2157d ago

This is only the beginning, people may shrug it off as simple content that could be acquired in game. Then they'll push the limits further and further, just like DLC.

Racing games where you get a starter car and have to pay for the rest, street fighter with only ken and ryu to start, call of duty with only a few free maps and starter guns and the rest have to be purchased.

I first realized this trend with Sleeping Dogs and how the first bunch of DLCs were just items in the game to unlock early. Then I realized how the game limits your car selection (can't steal cars and keep them) and limits in game income to make paying for the content more tempting then playing many hours to acquire it. But not tempting enough to make me even pay a $1 for what feels like a complete screw job.

2159d ago
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