Mole Mania Game Boy Review - Cubed3

"Despite a tendency to rely on big name franchises to reel in the big bucks from time to time, Nintendo has been known to explore other new properties, usually through the less expensive distribution methods of the time. Recently it has been with games like Pullblox, Hana Samurai, and Dillon's Rolling Western on the 3DS eShop, and it wouldn't be out of the way to assume that the Wii U equivalent download store will have some experimental titles from Nintendo also. Back in yonder days of green and black handheld screens, the House of Mario tried the same on the Game Boy and a certain standout game led the pack, if only in reputation and not sales. Mole Mania was overseen by none other than Shigeru Miyamoto himself, but now this highly unique puzzle game has been put on the 3DS eShop, has age weathered this gem or does it still shine?", writes Cubed3.

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brettski2122d ago

I had this game long ago. It's just meh in ky opinion.