Exclusive: Ackkstudios announces “Two Brothers” for Wii U’s eShop next year

"Ackkstudios has informed me that they are now officially Wii U developers. Yesterday they were approved. Ackkstudios currently has around 17 employees. They all worked in the CG animation industry or game industry for at least 4 years and are a bit ahead of the typical indie scene.
They’ll be bringing their game “Two Brothers” to the Wii U’s eShop for a targeted 2013 release. Next year, Ackkstudios will give a more specific time frame for the Wii U release date of “Two Brothers”. They are currently in the infant stages of porting the game to the Wii U since they just became licensed.
Two Brother was originally funded on Kickstarter, whose stretch goals helped with this Wii U release. They reached $16,257 out of a goal of $6,000.", writes NotEnoughShaders.

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lilbroRx2152d ago

More indie love it good.

Nintendo: Helping the little guy since 1982.

Maybe, they can grow in to full size companies and out EA and Activision as the top developers.