Why Wii U Won't Upscale Wii Games to HD

Smart When Shouting explains why Nintendo won't upscale Wii games to HD despite the Wii U's capacity to do so.

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Chaostar2155d ago

If its true that Nintendo are deliberately restricting the Wii UK's ability to upscale Wii games to HD then I have to blurt a resounding boo in Nintys general direction.

I haven't been a fan for most of my life for you to start penny pinching now, you're better than that Nintendo.

CraigandDayDay2155d ago (Edited 2155d ago )

Nutsack (flagged for trolling below), though clearly trolling at his best, makes a point. The New Super Mario Bros Wii U is probably not that much different than New Super Mario Bros Wii, except with better visuals. Let's be real here. If I bought a Wii U, and I had the choice between those two games and knew that the Wii U would upscale the Wii version, I'd go for that one all day, without a doubt.

It would make perfect sense for Nintendo to at least allow the Wii U to make their first party games upscale. Couldn't be too difficult to allow Mario and Zelda games to upscale to HD on the Wii U. And it would be a nice incentive for Wii owners to upgrade. They'd be like "hey so I can play all my Wii games on the system AND they'll look better. Sweet!!" At least, that's what I would think if they allowed that.

Although, I"m sure Nintendo is thinking it probably isn't worth it to most owners to include an upscaling feature, so that's why they're not doing it. Completely understandable from a business perspective.

PopRocks3592155d ago

There's also the concern about people mistaking it as a console that only upscales their old Wii games to HD when it has its own HD games. Nintendo is very particular about a lot of technical aspects of games. I guess in their minds, Wii games are meant to be played in SD while Wii U games are meant to be played in HD. Obviously the only ones who know this are the guys at Nintendo, but I figured it was a theory worth thinking about.

TheDivine2155d ago

I bet people feel stupid for buying LBP vita when they couldve bought the psp version for cheaper. Same thing right?

An upscaler should be there but its not. Oh well. They at least have BC which ps3 does not. 360 does for most games but Nintendo is the best when it comes to BC hands down. All gamecube games play on wii. All wii on wii-u. All ds on 3ds. On vita you can only play like 1% of psp games and only the DD versions.

Also the reason the wii-u wont play gamecube games I imagine is they are on mini disks and it would cost more to include BC from 2 gens ago. People find any reason to hate Nintendo these days. They say BC isnt needed on ps3 because they bought a ps3 for ps3 games. Sony only allows 100 psp dd versions to run on vita and people say they dont need BC because they already have a psp. Nintendo then gets crucified for not giving a snes and n64 add on with upscaling for nes games on the wii-u. See the slant on N4G?

Instigator2155d ago

I don't think anyone buys Mario games for the visual improvements, but rather the joy of mastering new levels and fresh ideas. Regardless of what anyone says it's not the same game just because the core gameplay and art direction are the same. The improvements done to the games aren't anything less than those done to countless other series.

To be fair, while the Wii U not upscaling Wii games is a shame because it is technically possible, backwards compatibility without upscaling is better than none at all. At least then you won't have to buy HD collections to replay your favorite games from the generation before.

Honestly, I'm more bummed about not being able to play virtual console games on the Pad.

t0mmyb0y2155d ago

Do you know how a game is upscaled?

aGameDeveloper2155d ago

If backwards compatibility is implemented by adding the CPU/GPU of the previous gen in the machine (as was done at launch of the PS3, I understand), then there is not much that can be done to upgrade the graphics of the games other than anti-aliasing / texture smoothing. Being entirely software driven, emulators have more options in what they can do.

Snookies122154d ago

Not sure why the disagrees. It's true that emulation allows for a much better result in terms of the graphical enhancements. I grabbed a few of my Gamecube games and checked them out on my PC via emulation. They look amazing after tweaking the settings.

Though the only issue with emulation is the fact that some games may not run properly...

ChickeyCantor2154d ago (Edited 2154d ago )

The Wii CPU/GPU functionality are directly implemented into the Wii-U CPU/GPU. This way no additional hardware was needed. It's a solution IBM and ATI provided for them.

Nintendo can easily force certain setups to allow Wii games to make use of the extra power the Wii U brings. It should easily be able to override the internal resolution( even by hacking means). If they just create a database on which resolution works best for what Wii game, Nintendo could have had something great.

Instead they don't bother. And it's a shame.

Nutsack2155d ago ShowReplies(1)
synce2155d ago

It's the same reason the WiiU won't play your Gamecube discs but will play digital versions of them. Today's gamers have proven that *generally* they have nothing better to do with their money than buy DLC and re-buy games they've already bought once or twice before. You can't really blame Nintendo for doing what any company would do today.

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Qrphe2155d ago

Idk if I agree with the article. But if I was to I would say money is also the issue. They would have to make sure every game is tested for this native scaling meaning they'd have to put a bigger budget into a feature that would not attract that many more costumers.

PS2 doesn't upscale PS1 games
PS3 doesn't upscale PS1 nor PS2 games
PSP doesn't upscale PS1 games
3DS doesn't upscale DS games
DS doesn't upscale GB games.... get the point

PopRocks3592155d ago

I was going to say, exactly what console with backwards compatibility upscales ANY of their predecessors games? Outside of emulators, I can't remember it being done before.

CraigandDayDay2155d ago (Edited 2155d ago )

Actually, if I'm not mistaken, the PS2 did texture smoothing on PS1 games to look a little better. And didn't the PS3 do something similar for PS2 games. I might be mistaken, but I could have sworn they did.

Wait, here I found it on Yahoo Answers.

Admittedly, it's not really upscaling, but it sorta helps the game run better.

Don't you mean you played GameCube games on the Wii? I didn't know it played N64 games. j/w

PopRocks3592155d ago

That's pretty neat if true. Historically Nintendo never seems to do that though. I think they feel that if there's backwards compatibility, then the older games should run EXACTLY as they did back in the day.

I've played N64 games on the Wii and experienced the same exact frame rate dips and other such technical issues as when I played them on the actual N64. It's interesting to note.

PopRocks3592155d ago

Just to clarify, I was talking about the N64 Virtual Console games I downloaded. They play identically to the cartridges I played back in the 90's.

Qrphe2155d ago


The Vita also does bilinear filtering on PSP games but that's not native resolution upscaling (not even close).

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Smashbro292155d ago

PS3 DOES upscale the old games, it just looks like ass.

This is the only BC that should upscale because it makes sense.

Also upscale or not the Vita makes PS1 and PSP games look damn pretty.

Qrphe2155d ago (Edited 2155d ago )

We're talking about native resolution scaling, which the PS3 does not (that's why they look like ass on 1080p TVs).

These images are examples of TRUE native/internal resolution scaling
Spyro on ePSXe


Xenoblade on Dolphin

humbleopinion2155d ago

Xbox 360 automatically upscales all supported original Xbox games:

It should be a no-brainer feature IMO, as it works much better than the external upscale on the TV (see the images in the link). It gives another reason to upgrade because it means that not only you can play your back-catalog, but it will also look better.

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