DayZ Namalsk

Arguably all DayZ players know Chernarus, the first and biggest map for DayZ. But what seems huge in the beginning, isn't huge anymore. Assumed you played it a while. For most players Chernarus is like a second home and new alternative DayZ maps couldn't hype as much as Chernarus does. Replacing fir with palms or arrange buildings differently hasn't made a Chernarus killer. The numbers of players on alternative DayZ map servers are showing this issue obviously. These shiny new maps get played when they are new, but most players return to Chernarus shortly after.

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Prcko2152d ago

2 much hacks and cheats in day z,war z is better

ATi_Elite2151d ago (Edited 2151d ago )

WarZ is MEH at it's best!

It looks like a Playstation 2 if it was 2000 that would be awesome and I would be drooling over it but it's 2012 and WarZ is a PC game that looks like CRAP! But low and behold Graphics aren't everything right?

Now as far as Gameplay......totally LAME as far as what we already have on the PC to compare it with (Day god almighty Z).

The first time I went into some silly "Safe Zone" I was like WTF how sissified is that! Safe Zone really? It's a Zombie apocalypse, there are no safe Zones as so idiot will "Off You" for your Jordans or Mt. Dew in a Heart Beat!

Mechanics are OK but you get No satisfaction from killing stuff like you do in DayZ, WarZ feels like a totally generic shooter when engaged in combat vs. other players. You totally feel like your gliding instead of Human movement.

Zombies......they may as well not even have the dam Zombies in the game cause they are SLow, stupid, and pose No threat at all. Horrible Zombie A.I.. Buh buh but they are Zombies OK sure they are suppose to be slow and stupid but at least in DayZ you have Zombies that are really hard to kill like the military zZombies decked out in Armor or the fast twitchy Zombies who are hard to hit.

Now don't get me wrong WarZ does have some cool stuff like gas mask and nice customizations and it's NOT a Die Hard PC Game like DayZ so casuals may enjoy WarZ better cause it's very easy to play.

Sure WarZ is still in it's baby stage but so far I only have one thing to compare it to and that is DayZ and DayZ in it's baby stage was way better than WarZ as far as being a solid PC Game.

Put WarZ on console and I'm sure it would do great there but on PC it just can't hang with DayZ.


Yes DayZ has a lot of hackers but I play on private servers so I have NO problems. The Standalone version will fix all the Hacker issues but in the meantime you could play on Servers with Admins or whatever like Phixion has stated.

Most games have public servers that are full of hackers and glitchers but for every crap server there are 2 great servers. You just gotta be SMART and know where to look.

kB02151d ago

War Z is still in Alpha Stages and just recently (Oct 15 got a public release :)) There are sitll a lot of glitches that need to be ironed out.

It def doesn't look as good as Dayz but I think it looks fine:)

Norrison2151d ago

Not true, play in a private hive, also War z is the worst game in existence, you have to pay 30$+ and there's a pay to win model, have you seen a paid game with a pay 2 win model? No right? This game is a flop. Everyone spawns at the same place.

Reverent2151d ago

I was just gunna say that lol. I cannot believe this guy haha. War Z is literally a blatant, talentless rip-off of Day Z.

Re4er2151d ago

Far from the worst game in existence. It's not a Pay to Win model, if you did some simple quick research you would know that. And it's still in Alpha stages (the spawn at the same place has been fixed).

calibann2151d ago

''This game is a flop''

It's in beta stage you ignorant school boy. Why are you reviewing it like it's been released to the public in its current state. You should learn to read into things before you declare them as the truth. There is no 'pay to win' model. Real money cannot buy anything in this game. The currency you see in the marketplace is currency you will find in the world (when the game is released). They have a full paragraph in the FAQ in which they sincerely declare how War Z is not and will never be Pay to Win.

Dozens of bugs are being patched every day, it's really very impressive what they're doing with the engine. These are honest, hard working guys who dedicate themselves to their supporters. This isn't EA we're talking about. Take your head out of your ass and give these indie developers a fucking break.

Yes, when the beta came out it was in absolute pieces. In two weeks it has improved so much that it's slowly becoming one of the most enjoyable experiences I've had on a game. I urge you people to try it again, it's going to be great. As for Day Z, I've been playing it since the mod was released. There's only so many glitchy zombies running in 'z' lines at me that I can take. The graphics, animations and ballistics are unmatched, but there's a lot of things war z does better.

Blacktric2151d ago (Edited 2151d ago )

So... a "survival" game that has an online shop and lets you buy literally anything (ranging from food and medicine to weapons and ammo) with real life money, is better than DayZ? Good try. I would've also added the fact that how you've paid 50 dollars for WarZ Legendary account and now how you are in complete denial at the end of that comment of yours though.

Also obligatory;

Also somewhat on topic;

"DayZ standalone will be based on a client-server architecture (more like an MMO), not the current ArmA2 architecture."

Taken directly from And if you're still struggling to understand what this means; it literally gives the majority of calculations to server side like in most MMOs rather than let the client handle it (which was the reliable option for a game like ARMA 2 but not for DayZ). And since now server side will handle majority of the calculations for the game world, hacking problem will shrunk by the factor of one thousand. Sure, it'll still be there, but it won't be this widespread and the rest will be easier to get rid of.

phixion2152d ago

Disagree, your statement wont apply to private hives. Check

Strongmad2151d ago

@ atielite WarZ looks pretty good I don't know why people are slating it. and its ALPHA. PS the arma 2 is not exactly pretty and it runs like a dog.

@ norrison and @blacktric you are both wrong

Warz: you cant buy all items, if you actually had read the forums you would know, you can only buy gold coins for really money which has restrictions to stop pay to win. The rest is in game dollars or zombie stem sells so you have to find or trade for them.

Back OT: I stopped playing Dayz because i had nothing to do but put up with glitches bandits and lack of content. when standalone hits ill give it another try.

Blacktric2151d ago

"@ norrison and @blacktric you are both wrong"

", if you actually had read the forums you would know"

You mean the rat infested sewage where rats go on full force attack mode when someone questions a feature or anything else? No thank you I'm fine here. Oh and I'm saying these as a person who actually played the game. I don't have to hear anyone else's "opinion" about things they barely even know of. Have fun defending the excrement that was made in 5 months after the success of DayZ, a frigging mod.