The Unfinished Swan Review (

The Unfinished Swan has already impressed us and now got much more than that. It's a fairy tale that despite the short longevity holds us from start to finish, offering us different mechanical along the story, which along with minor differences in design make The Swan Unifinished rich in diversity.
Each chapter is characterized by a different mechanic, being the first one that most impresses visually. In the first chapter will shoot balls of black ink that will use to orient themselves in the white levels and know everything that surrounds you. Using the Move command to shoot everything from paint to floor the world will know of The Unfinished Swan, a world created by a king who created all white and the main character is to follow a swan. The mother of the main character had the habit of starting to paint pictures that never ended and after his death his son can only save one, the picture of the swan. When the swan flees the table we have to follow for this world is black and so the adventure begins.

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