Red Alert 3 Screenshots

Wildfire has sent in links to a bunch of pictures he found on Russian site, although the pictures seem to have been taken down from there, Planet Command & Conquer have replicated them over in their new Red Alert 3 Image Gallery.

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Bladestar3054d ago

another RTS Game for my xbox 360...

Dmack793054d ago

this game will get lost amidst the heavy hitters like...well, there aren't really any huge exclusive games coming out for the 360 in the first half of the year. At least nothing that can compare to GT5 or MGS4, which just barely makes it the first half.

Iamback3054d ago

Is it also for consoles?

digger183054d ago

Yeah I think so, but these type of games really need mouse and keyboard.

Panthers3054d ago

i still want Kanes Wrath. This game can wait a little.

bourner3053d ago

no this game cant wait . i need to play it

Tobeknown3054d ago

I always liked red alert. Looks like i took something out of Supreme Commander with the tank/boat thing. Kinda weird vehical design for me, but hey its something new.Im looking forward to this game =)

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