Hotline Miami Review |

GAMINGtruth's own Indie Games Editor Derek Strickland delivers the verdict on Hotline Miami, Dennaton Games' explosive and ultra-violent PC Indie Game:

"While the game isn’t for everyone and surely has a signature grimy, violent feel to it, Hotline Miami brings something to the world of Indie Games that wasn’t always there: blood-soaked action fused with creative stealth strategy, with a lunatic version of GTA‘s characters thrown into the mix. It’s a punch to the gut that’s relentless, fun, and hilarious all at once, and has charmed this gamer with its deliciously grotesque gameplay.

All in all Hotline Miami is full of non-stop carnage and provides hours of gameplay that is memorable and challenging. With a huge arsenal of guns and melee weapons like knives and samurai swords, a distinct pixellated retro style, an amazing soundtrack that keeps the game flowing even while it’s paused, a bizarre and mysterious story arc, and progressively difficult levels, this game is sure to steel your resolve with hours of chaoti...

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Deeke2037d ago

Definitely a must-have for all fans of crazy and bizarre Indies!

Hufandpuf2037d ago

This game gives you a rush. Clearing out rooms of enemies with style is what it's all about.