Review: 'Forza Horizon' - 5 Things to Love and Hate | RealSG

Anthony Accinelli writes. "When Forza Horizon was announced I viewed it as a fresh start for the series. In my eyes it was already a beautiful idea. Take the strengths of the series - car models and environments - and place them in an open world. The focus is then shifted from the simulated feel of your favorite vehicle to the overall feel of simply driving."

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AvidGamerrrr2119d ago

This game shouldn't be so good. I don't understand how they did it.

disagreebandit2119d ago

What's up with the name. Italianglish.

s3arch2118d ago

It is all Trickery of the eye ;)

Gen0ne2118d ago

I hate the "shaky cam" they use and that stupid quick zoom made famous by The Office. And the streets are a bit devoid of life forms, but other than that, its a very good game.