A Videogame Discussion: Accepting to pay $60 per Wii U title

On this latest "A Videogame Discussion" opinion piece from WiiWareWave, here's the reason why future Wii U owners should mostly pay Wii U games at their full MSRP suggested retail price.

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claud31974d ago

so that means around £45 for uk buyers then

Nothing new

spurgeonryan1974d ago

vgchartz? It is a lot of money to me.

claud31974d ago

if you live in the states and the dollar is not cheap at the moment

sloth33951973d ago

if microsoft can charge 60 for a game on a dvd then why cant nintendo do it for a game on a disc that has more space

The Great Melon1973d ago

While this is perfectly logical for Nintendo, this could also foreshadow the increase in prices for other retail games on the next Sony and Microsoft consoles.

However I don't think prices will go up anymore in the US for sometime because $60 is already pushing it to a lot of people. Publishers realize that we are unlikely to spend money like that all in one purchase, so I think DLC will likely play an even larger role in the next generation.

WiiUalpha1972d ago

Foreshadow a prioce increase from Sony or MS? Really? I think you forget that Nintendo is just now getting into HD games. From the start of this gen MS and Sony raised their prices for HD games. Nintendo is only doing the same.

To suggest that the others will do a price increase shows a serious lack of understanding in all honesty.

Nutsack1973d ago ShowReplies(1)
AO1JMM1973d ago

Bigger games = bigger prices

bad naruto1973d ago

Really, so how much i have to pay for GTA V?

DivineAssault 1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

sorry guys, mario bros u & nintendo land just dont seem like $60 games to me.. Now when they release a mario galaxy successor of zelda, yes i can see the price hike but not these.. Just me tho, to each his own.. I will wait til new 3rd party games are released & bigger budget 1st party titles hit before i pay em a cent of my money.. Gotta love the picture on the headline lol

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