Will Giant Sparrow Become The Next thatgamecompany?

Just days removed from the release of The Unfinished Swan, we’re asking do Giant Sparrow have what it takes to excel in this industry?

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claud32094d ago

depends on what they produce over the next few years

DOMination-2094d ago

Hopefully they won't sell out to MS filthy money like thatgamecompany

fermcr2094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

i didn't know thatgamecompany sold out to Microsoft.

You really need to chill out. You seem very stressed. Take a pill or something.

JoGam2094d ago

I believe thatgamecompany only had a three game deal with Sony. The same as Giant Sparrow.

GribbleGrunger2093d ago (Edited 2093d ago )

Going multiplat doesn't mean they sold out to Microsoft. They had a three game deal (as JoGam pointed out) and were never 1st party.

Summons752094d ago

They could be if they keep making artistic games with great quality. Oh also releasing a game to everyone instead of a very very select few would be better anyway. Completely killed any interest I had in the Unfinished Swan by being a PS+ exclusive, I'm not paying double the price to play a 2 hour game.

KingKevo2094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

It was only exclusive for one week dude and why would you have to pay double the price?! I don't get it. Also this one week early access thing is what Microsoft does with the Gold members all the time. And well, the game might be a 2 hour game for 15 bucks, but (and yes, I don't know what games you usually buy) I assume that you don't have a problem with paying 60$ for a 6-8 hour game that might be worse.

Summons752094d ago

No 15 Bucks for a couple hours isn't a problem if everything about the game is amazing (which it seems from videos of TUS). Problem is that they were and are still telling me I need to be a PS+ member (15 bucks) plus pay 15 bucks for the game....double the price. I play mostly on playstation except for Halo on xbox so don't pin me as a fanboy. PS+ is a shame, ripoff, and totally waste of anyone's money.

fabod862094d ago

I don't know from where you are from but here in Italy(and for sure in all EU) the game is now aviable for everyone, as said before the Plus members got it one week early.

KingKevo2094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

The game is great and definately above average, yes. But what you say just isn't true, the game has been a one week PS+ exclusive until this week's store update. You should maybe check the PS Store again to see it yourself. I don't know what region you are in and if you are using the new store already, but if you're still having that issue it can only be a bug or something like that, but the game is available for everyone now.

Aceman182094d ago


i have to let you know something, i'm a PS+ member and i didn't get the game when it was available a week early for $15 because i didn't have the cash.

i just bought it on Friday for the same $15 now that its available for everyone. so i don't know where your coming from with this paying double for the game.

Darth Stewie2094d ago

I am glad Sony gives devs such as thatgamecompany and Giant Sparrow a chance because they seem to be one of the few publishers willing to publish unique and artistic games.