Is this the creepiest thing in a Mario game?

GameXplain: "In this Halloween edition of Cool Bits, we take a look at what might be the creepiest thing in a Mario game: Super Mario 3D Land's ghost mystery."

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Eternalb1870d ago

Uuh, why is that there?! WHY!?

Knight_Crawler1870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )

Looks like no face from Spirited away....maybe he was looking for Sen.

ReservoirDog3161870d ago

This is nothing compared to the secret Hell Valley in Mario Galaxy 2.

AfricanGamer9ja1870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )

Dafaq? So is this what is making the news :/

Knight_Crawler1870d ago

Lol...proof that this gen has long time passed its expiration date, gaming website are running out of things to talk about so they have to resort to stuff like this:(

If MS or Sony do not announce a new console next year I will find a new hobbie because no way in hell am I buying a Wii U.

-Mika-1870d ago

If you find this creepy or scary. You need to seriously man up. That 1:13 seconds that im never going to get back.

Rockoman161870d ago

Nobody told you to watch it Mr Mika right?!

live2play1870d ago Show
OptimusC1870d ago

that looks like a mushroom.... =\