Is the Wii U a Next-Gen Console?

Within a few weeks of the Wii U's release and the Internet crowd is still debating whether or not the system should receive the next-gen designation. Well, should it? Hoping for a definitive answer to the argument, editor Luke Frazier attempts to put this oh-so-important issue to rest.

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hennessey862124d ago

Like most people I haven't played one yet

Abash2124d ago

Well it is since it is the console Nintendo will be focusing on when the PS4 and 720 are out. Yet how it compares to those consoles graphically and capability-wise, it's really anybody's guess

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32124d ago

When a console can easily run games as it's launch titles, that other consoles have taken 5+ years to be able to run, then yes, it is a next gen system.

morkendo232123d ago (Edited 2123d ago )

Is the Wii U a Next-Gen Console?

WHY IS THIS posted every week since wii-u first announce last E3??????

is there some kind of ROTATION of weekly article garbage?? this site really begining to become boring,sad and lame. they'll write articles about anything for hits.

people end up saying :no it is this generation console. and others will say PS4-720 is the begining of next GEN. same SHEE-IT every week, every month, every year til E3.........

Wii-U is the here and now console and next step in the NEW generation of gaming!!!!!

CraigandDayDay2123d ago

It's like everyone is so surprised that Nintendo didn't go with cutting-edge hardware. They never do, people. Having said that, I believe Nintendo did at least go with decent hardware this time and not low tech like the original Wii was.

The thing is, once the Xbox 720 and PS4 (Orbis) come out, the Wii U will look more like PS3/360 level tech and not really like full-blown next generation hardware.

The one thing the Wii U has going for it is the tablet controller. Kids will be able to play their Mario even when mom and dad are watching TV. That's a pretty cool feature.

It doesn't matter, though, because the Wii U will still sell like crazy. Probably at least 3 million by Christmas time.

mdkgod432123d ago

@wraith so Ur telling me ps3 amd xbox didn't launch with playable games lmfao, I have to laugh at that

jmc88882123d ago

Not really hard to guess, the Wii U, the PS4, the 720, and the PC don't have 'next gen' tech available to them.

Thus none of them will be next gen.

So it's easy to guess when what is needed to achieve next gen doesn't exist, and won't for years even on the PC side, where when it first appears it'll be in the form of a dual gpu that at today's prices costs $1000 just for the GPU.

But again I state, it doesn't matter, all three will be great systems, relatively close in performance, be able to play the same games using the same engines, and have great experiences for those that purchase them.

Next gen is well beyond base level Unreal 4 engine tech. It's something that can do a more modified Unreal 4 engine (or a different engine all together) and do it well enough with FPS to spare.

Then be able to put it in a console because the heat is lower and cost of the GPU isn't $1000 just by itself.

Ideally we'd wait even longer so we could have true beyond 1080p, like 4k (3840x2160) at above 60 fps, so like 120 fps as the norm. If not and it remains at 1080p for one last generation, it simply has to perform a more modified Unreal 4 engine and do it with ease.

None of that is capable as the GTX 6 series basically barely can run decently the stock Unreal 4 engine, and probably can't if it was an actual game, just run the pre-made demo. Not 32 people or more running around on a server destroying stuff like in a Battlefield game.

Hell since the Unreal 4 engine isn't out yet they are still modifying it before they release it to make it better, but once it's officially release, the modifications on it will last for a decade, making the requirements to run it harder and harder on tech. Just like the Unreal 3 engine did.

So you just can't have something that barely meets the Unreal 4 label and call it 'next gen', because it isn't even next gen.

Also you need something beyond the DX11 and 11.1 we currently have, like DX12 and all the features that it will need horsepower to do.

So no, NONE of the consoles coming out can do these things, as no PC can do these things. Or is anywhere close to doing these things, as they don't yet exist. Plus the power to run which doesn't exist isn't quite there yet either. Again what can be done expensively in a PC isn't the same as what can be done cheaper and with less cooling solutions in a small console.

ShinMaster2123d ago (Edited 2123d ago )

It's really simple:
It's only "next-gen" from a chronological perspective. It's the Wii's successor.
But the tech won't be.
It's comparable to current-gen systems and it does current-gen quality games. Not even native 1080p.

It'll be a good system BUT you're not going to experience next-gen with ONLY a Wii U. The same way you couldn't experience current-gen with the original Wii.
You'll need a PlayStation or Xbox system for that.

ronin4life2123d ago

No, he is saying that the ps3 and 360 "couldn't" run games like Assassins creed 3 or Mass Effect 3 *At Launch*.

CraigandDayDay2123d ago (Edited 2123d ago )

What part did you disagree with? Just curious. "Cause it's Saturday, I ain't got no job, and I ain't got $#!^ to do." LoL (Friday reference)

The Wii U appears to be a bit better than current consoles, but with a twist: the tablet controller, which will appeal to kids and parents alike. It will solve the ages old "I want to watch TV, but my kids want to play games" problem.

-Alpha2123d ago (Edited 2123d ago )


By definition, next gen refers to the newest generation hardware available. So yes, Wii U is the next generation of Nintendo products. When we are in the swing of things with PS4, 720, and Wii U, it will all be "Current gen" with Wii U likely being at the lower end of the spectrum.

By your own words, you aren't going to experience next gen with only a Wii-U. But you also wont experience next gen with only PS4 and 720. The PC will have more powerful technology that demonstrates superior hardware that can make the HD twins feel like last gen too. So, if you truly want to make an argument about PS4 and 720 being relatively more powerful, you are bound to extend that to PC hardware as well.

After all, this definition only takes into account what is relatively being done with other hardware. Whether or not Wii U is up to par with its competitor is a different story, but the semantics of whether the platform is a new generation product or not really doesn't make sense

Especially with all three competitors seemingly doing something different, it's unfair to pigeon-hole all products the same way-- Nintendo's emphasis on tablet gaming is going to be different from the way their competitors approach their hardware, it's the actual interface that is being touted as a next gen gaming experience.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32123d ago (Edited 2123d ago )

@mdkgod43, let me see if I can make it more remedial for you. The 360 and PS3 didn't have launch games like AC3, in which they looked that good,it took devs this long to be able to put a game like that on those consoles and they still can barely do it. Wii U has these types of games as launch titles so we can only imagine how good games will look once the Wii U's full potential has been realized. I don't know but I still feel as though I'm going over you're head, correct me if I'm wrong. One thing is certain though, there are consoles that devs are more often than not, complaining about being or having maxed out tech. I'll give you a hint, it's not Wii U.

Ah yes, Ronin gets it.

ABizzel12123d ago

Next Gen in timing: Yes

Next gen in hardware: No

The Wii U is everything Nintendo needed, and a step up from the current-gen CONSOLES. However looking at what current-gen mid range PC's are doing and it's clear the Wii U is still behind the "Next-gen" hardware curve.

The Wii-U doesn't have to be as powerful as the PS4 and Nextbox, because most of the games made by Nintendo rely on art style and simple, but entertaining gameplay mechanics more than pushing graphics or advanced physics, and in that regard the Wii-U is all they need. No one would say the PS360 are weak consoles after seeing games like Uncharted 3, Rage, Crysis 2, Halo 4, God of War, Heavy Rain, The Last of Us, Beyond, and more running on those systems. And the Wii-U is more powerful than those consoles, so while it's not cutting edge it's good enough.

pixelsword2123d ago

Logically speaking, the Wii U is a "next-gen" console, because it's the next one after the Wii

mdkgod432123d ago (Edited 2123d ago )

@Wraith again these are ports,black ops2 which was confirmed not to run at 1080p/60fps like they said at first so yea, only exclusive game u have is Zombie U, super mario u is a 3ds port i asure u also monster hunter is a port pikmin 3 aint coming out till next year ummm, wii u next gen i think no, of course your gonna be able to do more with a system that has more ram then xbox/ps3 but i asure u that wii u wont even come close to ps4 specs

answer me this if ur system is so powerfull why is the CPU outdated and less powerfull then the ps3 cpu

NBT912123d ago

WII is current gen, WIIU therefore is next gen; I don't know how it could be any more simpler.

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stage882123d ago

In the traditional sence it is next gen as its a new generation for Nintendo as its a brand new updated console. However when the PS4 and new Xbox are unveiled i believe it will flounder.

2v12123d ago

let the games prove it

CalvinKlein2123d ago

it is of the 8th generation, meaning it is after the 7th generation(ps3/xbox360/wii).

THe 3ds and VITA are already next gen as thay are also from the 8th generation.

WiiU is 8th generation even if it is as powerful as the n64, it is nintendo's predecessor to the wii. The generation doesnt cut off when a fanboy wants it to and has nothing to do with power of the console.

I guess amature blog sites still dont know what a console generation is after we are in the 8th.

mt2123d ago

it depends on how you define Next-Gen Console. next gen is broad term.
if your definition is graphics, or raw power basically it is not next Gen .. etc.

pixelsword2123d ago

Then how would you compare the PS3/360's graphics to the PC, does the judgment of the Wii compared to the PS3/360 justify what PC-advocates said all along?

mt2123d ago

I didn't make any comparison there that is what I am saying, it is all up on how you define Next gen and what is current Gen.

showtimefolks2123d ago

Do we need a article about this every day? We get it wiiu is next gen get over it

I haven't played one so to me ts only matching what current gen systems have delivered since 2005-2006. Once it's out and in few years we I'll be able to tell how it will compare with ps4 and xbox720. Nintendo is taking a loos in each system sold and they don't do that so it will be very intersteting to see how bth casuals and core fan base reacts to it

Beastforlifenoob2123d ago

Nintendo is a joke, all the fanboys say "It's next gen 'cos no one has made anything like it before"
GRaphics? Yes PS3 and XBOX360 have similar capabilities whilst PC is far far ahead
Gameplay? Dual screen can be done with certain PSP/PS3 game combos and PS-VITA/PS3 combos.
Hardware? Might be newer in the console world but yet again PC is far far ahead.
Nintendo's next gen does not mean it is next gen of gaming.
INFACT, gaming is not accelerating as fast as other technologies. For example Googles glasses are practically sci-fi whilst coming out with 1-2 years
IM NOT SAYING NINTENDO IS BAD, im just saying that Nintendo's next gen does not= Gaming next gen.
Im sure if google where to construct a gaming console it would be out of this world (or Apple or Microsoft) But usually consoles loose money and games gain it back so it is a BIG risk.
Nintendo most likely WONT fail with the WII-U buuuuuut.... I'm sure of 2 things
1) It won't sell as much as the WII
2) It will be a minor disappointing to some
+Nintendo still isn't receiving great 3rd party support

Ck1x2123d ago (Edited 2123d ago )

Why do people insist on saying the capabilities are the same, when the PS3/360 are maxed out now and the WiiU is not? Come back and claim that same statement when the WiiU is pushed to its limits as well... The Vita/PS3 combo absolutely can not perform the exact same functions as the WiiU can. It can do a similar style, but it can't do the exact same things and neither can Smart Glass! There's just way to much latency between those devices communicating back and forth to provide the same experience... Do some research first before you go on claiming such nonsense. To go on and compare what Google is doing to what Nintendo is providing is really asinine. Google has way more money to throw around than Nintendo does. How come you don't use that same criticism for both Sony and Microsoft? They aren't doing as much as Nintendo to advance the way in which we play games... The hypocrisy

bumnut2123d ago (Edited 2123d ago )

It does not matter how good it is, it is still a next gen console.

I find it funny that you guys argue about a systems specs and capabilties, but if I mention the specs or capabilities of my PC im a 'pc elitist'

Waddy1012123d ago

Some people don't seem to understand the term "next-gen", it is /not/ related to graphical performance but to the generation of the console that is being refereed to.
In Nintendo's case the Wii U is next-gen because it is their next generation of console. People who think differently just because it's not as graphically powerful as some PC's that are around really don't understand the term at all.

dirthurts2123d ago

I finally got to play one. While the only game I had access to was Rayman, it felt pretty nice actually. The controller was better than expected, and the graphics were super clean.
I'll reserve judgement until I get a 3d game in my hands, I'm happy with what I see so far.
It feels like what the Wii should have been.

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Bumpmapping2124d ago

Hardware hell NO gimmicky controller YES.

yabhero2123d ago

Wait so you current gem consoles have 6000 series GPUs and 2GB. I must have been asleep for the last 7 years...

ShinMaster2123d ago

If Wii U can't even do native 1080p games, not even Nintendo's own New Super Mario after 6 freaking years.
Then no, it's not next-gen.

Nyxus2124d ago

Since it is the successor to the Wii, I consider it to be a next gen console.

mcstorm2123d ago

I agree this is nintendos next generation console there is no debating about it, its a fact.

Its the same argument on if the 3ds is a next generation handheld because the psv has more power. Yes it is the next generation handheld.

Sp1d3ynut2123d ago

I think the thing that causes the debate/confusion on this issue, is the lack of true distinction between the Gamecube and Wii. They are really just the same hardware, with a new control option.

Think of it this way: If Microsoft had waited to release Kinect in 2011, but along with a "new" console, rather than as an add-on for the 360...would you consider it "next-gen"?

NO. But that's essentially what Nintendo did in 2006 with the Wii, by re-releasing the GC, but with a new control scheme...that wasn't even the ONLY control scheme for a lot of games. This means the hardware in the Wii will be 12 years old, by the time the WiiU is launched. So, in essence, Nintendo skipped a CONSOLE generation, choosing to ride out the last 6 years with a new controller. But just like Kinect, they COULD have just released the sensor bar and wand as an add-on for the GC.

It's complicated...especially when you consider the GC was dead at that point last gen, and Nintendo really needed a 2nd chance, with minimal financial risk...which paid off for them in a HUUUUUGE way. But that doesn't change the facts: the Wii WAS NOT a "next-gen console" THIS generation, ergo the Wii U is really a very late entry into THIS "console generation".

NYC_Gamer2124d ago gen Nintendo console[meaning upgrade]over the old school Wii and into HD with more third party support

Kalowest2124d ago

It's like the Dreamcast for the eighth generation consoles.

frjoethesecond2123d ago

I'm inclined to agree since it's releasing much earlier than it's competition. The Dreamcast and PS2 were pretty close power wise though so hopefully the release windows are where the similarities end.

Kalowest2123d ago

I know multiple ppl that say Dreamcast is the best consoles.