PCN Review: Sports Champions 2

The sequel to one of the best selling PlayStation Move games so far is here, is Sports Champions 2 worth the upgrade?

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Woah, a decent score for one of these types of sports games?

i think i speak for everyone when i say: SUCK IT WII SPORTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

insomnium22036d ago (Edited 2036d ago )

I can't stand the dumbed down gameplay of Wii sports resort. My 7 and 9 yo kids love it cause it makes them feel like a winner but....t's just not ALL.

SC 1 is a good game and I'm interested in playing this one too. There's just too many games to choose from. My time is way too limited.....

Soldierone2036d ago (Edited 2036d ago )

To me it felt like Wii Sports with better visuals (obviously) and more intuitive controls. AKA you can't just sit there and swing the controller back and forth....

However compared to the first Sports Champions, this one feels like its holding your hand more....and frisby golf is WAY more fun than golf, period.

I have a quick question though, do they let you use a controller or nav controller in tennis, or is it always the game just putting your character where it should be? Because like that its basically just table tennis again.