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Nostalgia Adventure: Magical Era - LucasArts

Vincent on TGC writes: "I was seven years-old. I can’t recall exactly how this game came into my possession (I think my parents bought it) but I just remember hearing the jaunty caribbean-flavoured notes of what would later become one of the most well-known and beloved videogame themes of all time and being utterly transfixed by the antics of two funny little monkeys dancing across the screen and being chased off by a man in a blue coat. I had never seen anything quite like this before. Right from the beginning I knew this was something different. Something amazing. Being a pre-teen and typically restless, I was unable to sit and watch the introductory cut-scene to any prior game, let alone its credit sequence. I sat through this credit sequence. Nowadays, I can’t stand the thought of arriving late to a film I am going to see at the cinema. The thought of missing the opening credits is anathema to me." (Industry)

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