10 Funniest Grand Theft Auto Memes Of All Time

"Here are some memes that will make you remember about those fun times, because they are true. Memes are something that are sometimes a bundle of laughs or sometimes just point out the obvious. We have complied a few on the franchise which we think are the funniest ones ever, so check them out."

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Rumor2155d ago

Lol I liked the "2.4 million. Steals car" hahahah

DarthBigE2155d ago

I tried driving "normal" too
Cant wait for GTAV to come out!

mafiahajeri2155d ago

Lool I do that one of those things that you think your the only one that does it xD

Blastoise2155d ago

first and last ones were the same. Some funny stuff though :)

2155d ago
ApolloTheBoss2155d ago

"Get him outta the fuckin' water, RIGHT NOW!!"

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The story is too old to be commented.