SuperBot's Recent Tips Video Gives Us a Look at the Final PlayStation All-Stars Menu

From "The PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale Beta has began! Featuring 6 of the 20 character roster, this beta takes you through two stages, as well as two modes to duke it out against opponents. The guys over at SuperBot Entertainment have been kind enough to whip up a tips video that helps you get a handle on the basics of this beta. There's more to the video though."

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faysal2117d ago

oh man i cant wait for this to come out !!! going to be a blast!!

DivineAssault 2117d ago

I cant wait for this.. Hopefully its well received by critics.. Not that it really matters cuz i enjoyed the beta & i will not be missing out on a cross buy deal like this..

SageDivinity2116d ago

I wonder what customization means for us, it probably has something to do with the unlockables.