Assassin's Creed comes to GTA IV with this amazing map

DSOGaming writes: "Our reader Jonathan Gustafsson has informed us about a mod that promises to bring Assassin’s Creed into GTA IV’s game engine."

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CaptCalvin1873d ago

Isn't this the map from AC2? in that case it would be Renaissance, not Middle Ages.

Nightfallen1872d ago

It appears to be a mixture of the Villa area in AC2 and Rome from Brotherhood. From 4:40 it is definitely Rome.

Snookies121872d ago

This is cool and all, but... What's the point? Lol

vortis1872d ago

LOL at his parkour...he can't even climb so well. He would make for a horrible assassin.

"Hey, who's that stumbling around on the rooftops up there? Hey you, Get down here! He's going to leap for the...oh nevermind, he just broke both his legs."

Cirran1872d ago

Hahahaha Its like watching some moron who thinks he's a super assassin. Never ends well.

pandehz1872d ago

Hahahahaha yea was thinking the same

rpd1231872d ago

That's pretty cool but I would never actually use the mod. He can't parkour and if he could it'd be a bitch to do with the GTA controls.

Relientk771872d ago

Last 20 seconds of the video:

An assassin on a moped, yeah thats stealthy

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