Iwata on Wii U pricing, other tidbits from investor’s Q&A

Nintendo president comments on how the company settled on the Wii U price point, third-parties, Miiverse, popularity of Nintendo Direct, and more.

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guitarded772002d ago

From Article:
"Iwata wants to explain Miiverse service in detail through a Nintendo Direct before Wii U launches"


We are 21 days from launch, and they need to get on this.

AO1JMM2002d ago

Cannot wait to hear about MiiVerse details.

cleft52002d ago

They definitely need to lay out their online strategy. Depending on their online strategy this will determine how many hardcore none traditional Nintendo fans get the system. The hardcore is understandably skeptical after the Wii and Nintendo's dedication to Friend Codes.

beerkeg2002d ago

Yeah, I've spoken to several of my hardcore gaming friends and they've said the same thing.

Braid2002d ago

I'd rather want to hear the full specs, with clear, spesific details like GPU specs, VRAM size, maximum processing power etc. before I buy a console but oh well it's Nintendo for ya, they'll show Miiverse instead.

If anybody knows what kind of a GPU is used in the console (not rumors please, the console's launch is so close that talking about specs based on rumors is actually kind of embarrassing) I'd love to be informed. But I doubt anyone would come up with concrete details as I'm sure as hell that there's STILL NO official document detailing the GPU specs twenty days before the console's launch.

guitarded772002d ago

If I remember correctly, the latest issue of GameInformer has detailed hardware specs. I took a look at it at GameStop before it hit the stands. Not sure if it's available for sale yet, but I got to look at it early because the guys who work there are pretty cool. Also, here's a link to Iwata Asks where they discuss some internal features compared to the Wii. As for the importance of hardware over Miiverse, I respectfully disagree over which is more important to discuss first... they are both important, but Miiiverse will determine how we play and socialize, and we already know the hardware can at least handle what the other consoles can handle. Plus, devs already know what's in the box and I haven't heard any complaints. Anyway, here's the link for you.


Braid2002d ago

Thanks guitarded77, I'll take a look. Zombi U looks better than any FPS out there for current-gen consoles honestly, with lots of anti-aliasing and a solid native resolution which is saying something, but why GPU specs has been kept a secret for so long is something I don't understand.

guitarded772002d ago

Yeah, I will admit Nintendo is the worst when it comes to releasing information and specifics. It makes some of us think they're in damage control mode, like they're hiding something. I'm not too worried about it though... as long as I get my HD Zelda I will be content.

Qrphe2001d ago

We'll probably have to wait until release day for someone to open one up and tell us what's inside.

Gr812001d ago

Infrastructure and Services will prove to be pivotal for their success. It is imperative for them to get this right.

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