Star Wars: Battlefront II - Battlefront 2013 Mod - Debut Gameplay Footage

DSOGaming writes: "CreatorOfThings has released the first gameplay video of the Battlefront 2013 mod for Star Wars: Battlefront II. This mod aims to improve the visual and rendering capabilities of Pandemic Studios’ Zero Engine by adding modern-day features such as Color Correction, Motion Blur, Depth of Field, and Bloom."

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zdkapl1913d ago

I really wish they would make Battlefront 3.

ceballos77mx1913d ago

Yeah its a shame, at least we can count on modders for this.

Hufandpuf1913d ago

What they should be doing is focusing on remaking the textures.

Hufandpuf1913d ago

I know that, but why release a mod video when all they did was change the colors and add bloom effects? Anybody can do that.

lsujester1912d ago

Because they are showing their work as they do it. Why are you whining about this?

DeadlyFire1912d ago

It is still early Hufandpuf. Dont worry they will get to that in due time.

Razgriz3831913d ago

Can't believe how much I miss this game. Every time I see it on Steam im horribly tempted...but I know it'll end up just sitting in my library like a bunch of other stuff.

I really miss the battlefield chatter the game had. Alot of games just lack it.

Getowned1913d ago

A vary few people still play on PC I wish more people would start playing it again, such a fun game.

I really wish we could get a SWBF3.

DeadlyFire1912d ago

Star Wars 1313 if multiplayer exists holds possibility of seeing a Battlefront mod at some point. On those graphics = hell yes.

urwifeminder1913d ago

Just play the battlefield 2142 mod first strike its great.