PS Vita : Games Coming in November 2012

Now that we're embarking on a new month, you may want to know more about the games coming out, This article will remind you of all the PS Vita games coming out in November..

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DivineAssault 2117d ago

PSABR & Persona it is nx month.. Vita is getting HOT software now.. NFS, Ragnarok Odyssey, & ACL will be played & completed before i open these others.. I will be supporting all 5 of these titles at launch but refuse to open & play em all at once.. I dont finish games when i do that so one at a time for me..

KangarooSam2117d ago

But which one first???
Seriously. Three Vita games and AC3 on the same day. What the fuck were you thinking, universe.

Kingthrash3602117d ago

With all these games coming out I think the universe is finally giving vita owners the pleasure overload we've been missing. But that has me thinking...what's coming out for 3ds?

KangarooSam2117d ago


True, we should be thankful. Especially me since all I have is Uncharted and Sound Shapes.

Good point. I bought a 3DS XL like the week it came out with Super Mario 3D Land, New Super Mario Bros. 2, and Zelda: OoT. Barely touched the thing. And the holiday lineup doesn't really interest me whatsoever. Nintendo needs to step up and push for more third party support. Because I don't wanna regret that purchase even more.

Godchild10202117d ago

I plan to support all five Vita games as well. I read somewhere on the PlayStation blog, that Assassin's Creed 3 Liberation will be 35.99. There is a chance I will download it along with Smart As.

KangarooSam2117d ago

I remember when Sony was saying all Vita games on the PSN would be $5 off, so much for that.

Also, I read somewhere else that AC3:L will be around 3 gbs. (sorry, no link.)
Now comparing that to the graphics, huge open world, and online capabilities of Most Wanted, Vita games seem only to be getting bigger and bigger.
i.e. we need bigger memory cards, Sony. 64gb, perhaps? That doesn't cost $200.

CalvinKlein2117d ago (Edited 2117d ago )

ac liberation may not take that many GBs, I remember one of the AC games on 360, I think brotherhood, only took up like 3.2 gbs on the 360 so maybe it will be like 2gbs only hopefully.

I really want to get AC liberation right away so I will probably buy it on the ps store but maybe Ill have to go out an buy it if the store doesnt update soon enough for me.

If I could wait I would save some money but I cant even wait a week to play that game. If anyone is gonna wait a bit to get AC I suggest you check 3rd party electronic retailers or just people selling the game brand new out of the bundles for cheap on amazon. I got madden brand new that someone sold out of their bundle for 17$ shipped. It just doesnt come with a box tho. I will try and get COD for cheap this way as Im not really interested in that like AC.

I also want to get RO eventually too as taht game looks fun and will last a long time and fill my RPG fix until the secretive warriors lair comes out.

cfountain2117d ago


Cant wait for my preorder to get shipped.

Hicken2117d ago

I got the collector's edition. It's probably the only retail game I'll get, though there are quite a few others I WANT.

RubyToTheMax2117d ago

I'm really looking forward to NFS Most Wanted. The only racing game I've been playing since February 15TH is Wipeout 2048, and it doesn't get old. I really do hope someone updates the game with DLC only for 2048, bringing new tracks and maybe new AGR's, or the AR museum...

But Most Wanted is looking and sounding like to be a proper new racer for the PSVita, and it's got my eyes locked. Criterion did an amazing job from what I see.

SpinalRemains1382116d ago

I love PS Vita very much so, but would it kill a developer to make an NHL game?

We have a Madden and an MLB game, and I realize there's currently a lockout, but hockey games are perfect for handheld gaming! Let's face it; of all the major sports, hockey by far translates the best into videogame fun.

Bring me an NHL game so I can get my Lundqvist on, online!

nevin12116d ago

A NHL game might not do well. What happen to the PSP NHL games?

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