Limb Lopping Returns to Ninja Gaiden on the Wii U

Dealspwn writes: Have you been looking at the Wii U line-up and thinking there aren’t enough titles that let you hack people’s limbs off? Well, you might have a few issues, but at least Tecmo Koei want to indulge you, as Ninja Gaiden Sigma 3: Razor’s Edge brings back the butchery after the PS3/360 versions were criticised for toning down the violence. As well as being a bit rubbish.

Ryu will be getting a host of new weapons in the Wii U version including a heavy staff and a demented new fangled weapon that from what we can tell (it moves very fast) is something sharp and nasty on the end of a chain. Ayane makes an appearance too as an exclusive playable character with her own missions.

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PopRocks3592159d ago

The Comic-Con demo I played beat the crap out of me and a number of friends who tackled it. And we've all played the Sigma games on the PS3. If that's not a sign that the game is hard then I don't know what is.

2158d ago
PopRocks3592158d ago


Nice reading comprehension.

"And we've all played the Sigma games on the PS3."

wishingW3L2158d ago (Edited 2158d ago )

Sigma versions are easier than the originals though.

supersonicjerry2158d ago

The point that the other game was trying to make is that you have no credibility. Just because you played the Sigma games on PS3 doesn't really tell us much besides that you played those games.

PopRocks3592158d ago (Edited 2158d ago )

The Sigma games are still pretty challenging. And I also thought that the Razor's Edge demo was challenging. I don't really see what you guys are trying to get at. If anything, I think it's worth mentioning that my word is more credible than yours considering I've actually tried the game out.

nukeitall2158d ago


For all we know you could have been a dishonored ninja and played Sigma on ninja dog difficulty level.


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bitboi2158d ago

They put the difficulty back to the way the original NG games where. The eneimes no longer beg for their lives and will keep fighting to the end (even when limbs are severed)

wishingW3L2159d ago

when this stuff happens it pisses me off so bad. Since the day it was announced that NG3 wasn't going to have:

no dismembering,
no ultimate techniques,
no obliteration techniques,
sword as the only weapon,
no lvl up system,
only 1 ninpo
and not to mention the QTEs

people complained and loud. But the pretentious and inexperienced Yosuke Hayashi came up with a bunch of justifications that sounded like the changes were worth it but they weren't. The game turned out to be one of the biggest piece of trash of this generation. But now they come up with a new version exclusive to one platform with all the stuff they removed.... X(

smashcrashbash2159d ago (Edited 2159d ago )

Very good point and I don't know why people would disagree with you. They make all sorts of justifications and excuses why they did the things they did and now they exclude us and drop it on a new platform.So it's not that they couldn't do it, they just refused to do it. Why didn't you INDULGE us before when we told you we didn't want it the way it was long before the game was released. So now to play it the way we wanted I have to go out and buy a Wii U? Nope. Just won't even buy a Ninja Gaiden game again.Sorry, thems the breaks.

PopRocks3592158d ago

And Nintendo aiding in development on this version matters not... why?

nukeitall2158d ago

As one of the biggest Ninja Gaiden fan, I was pretty dismayed to have bought the Collector's Edition of the this turd called NG3.

This comes a little too late, and I will be looking forward to Itagaki's game instead, Devil's Third. Please for the love of God, somebody publish Devil's Third!!!

guitarded772158d ago

@ wishingW3L

You seem to know a lot about NG. I didn't but NG3 for PS3 or XBOX because I heard so many complaints... I also haven't been keeping up with the Wii U version. Anyway, my question is, will the Wii U version be worth considering? Are they correcting all the issues from the PS3/360 versions? I'm considering getting it at Wii U launch, but don't want to buy if it's still gimped.

ronin4life2158d ago

It certainly seems to be much improved from what has been said, but I'd wait for a few reviews before deciding.

Jadedz2159d ago

So this is what gamers (hardcore N4G members) want?

fossilfern2158d ago

Dismemberment is one thing but I just hope the difficulty is there and its not cheap! If everything that was wrong with NG3 is fixed I will have to get this !

herbs2158d ago

Pretty lame how team ninja let so many of there die hard fans down with there incomplete first version of this game. It's funny how the old Nes Ninja Gaiden 3 was also kind of a let down compared to the first two amazing titles (history repeats?) Looks like this new version will change things for the better thanks to Nintendo. Its nice to see that Ninja Gaiden is back where it belongs, maybe we will see Ryu Hyabusa in Smash Bros U :) I'd like to see a Belmont in there aswell :D

humbleopinion2158d ago

Will they bring back Itagaki to design the port and remove the horrible QTEs?
No? then don't bother.

ronin4life2158d ago

I believe the QTEs have been removed.

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