If You "Revolt" Over Firmware Update 4.30, Get Yourself Checked

If anyone is seriously freaking out over an ICON, then they need to reassess their priorities. Whining is common on the Internet but this is just scary.

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GreenRanger2088d ago

It doesn't matter if it's just an icon or not; I DON'T WANT IT THERE!
Sooner or later you blindly loyal sheep are going to have to turn around to the shepherd and say "Daayuum!, you ain't touchin' me with that shears; i'm freezing my ass off as it is!" Or something along those lines.

Shiny2088d ago (Edited 2088d ago )

LOL, +1.
The author sounds like someone who would jump off a cliff if asked by Sony.
He probably has those Sony shoes that came out a few years ago. :)
Some people will eat whatever is on their spoon, even if it does stink of the brown stuff.

papashango2088d ago

If someone has to write an ENTIRE ARTICLE about some bloggers sensationalist title....they probably need to get checked.

too much nerdrage

wbh11382087d ago

That's right. Type in caps like a child having a tantrum.
If you're not happy then contact Sony but don't be surprised if they ignore you unless you write in a mature, polite manner.

GreenRanger2088d ago

Why is Kane in the article image?
He isn't relevant to the story at all.

wishingW3L2088d ago

can you imagine if instead of gaming this was politics? Gamers would make the most fascist government ever.

brettyd2088d ago

If this bothers you, see a shrink.

Getowned2088d ago

Who exactly is this bothering, I was mored pissed about where they moved the trophies icon, but I'm over it already.

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The story is too old to be commented.