Five Video Game Items We’d All Love to Own There are so many reasons to be drawn into the world of video games, with their fantastic adventures, crazy powers, and evil-to-the-core enemies to vanquish. Within the virtual realms, we also find a large number of items that are just so fun to use. Inventive gadgets have always had an appeal among a certain crowd, which is why the James Bond movies are still popular, and also why specialty shops carry expensive replica lightsabers that they have no problem selling.

Watching on-screen heroes utilising powerful technology is one thing, but taking control of these gadgets ourselves is something entirely different, which is why games are the perfect place to feature them. Many of them are fantastical, impossible and super-cool, and we always find ways of bending their powers to our will.

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Xof2156d ago

All I want or need is a miniature giant space hamster companion I can take with me everywhere I go.

vikingland12156d ago

Yep,would be great to have those items in my inventory.

M_Prime2156d ago

portal gun would be the best

TXIDarkAvenger2156d ago

I'd love to own the lancer from Gears of War and the Master Sword from Zelda.

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