New PSN Store Makes a Mess of Things

Dealspwn writes: The recent 4.30 PlayStation 3 patch included a complete overhaul for the PSN Store, which now resembles the clunky setup on the Xbox 360. I’ve been waiting for a few days, just in case any tweaks were made, but now it seems this is what Sony are happy with. So how does it compare with the old store?

Well, I’ve logged on a few times since the re-launch, at different times of the day, and I’ve waited on average about 40 seconds each time to get the store to load up. The previous version usually took under ten. It gets worse.

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Nawert2035d ago

While I think it looks better, I do agree that it is slow, just as the last one was.

faysal2035d ago

DUDE IT JUST CAME OUT.. give it time for everyone to get on it, things will be fast then. here in the UK its fluid and fast.. of-curse when it came out it wasn't but now that people already got the new store it seems to be just fine.

mt2035d ago

well customers expect things to be perfect or at least better than its previous product. why must the fanboisom blind you.

faysal2035d ago

@mt anything that comes out has problem on day 1 it has nothing to do with being a fanboy. it just people like you are impatient.

KUV19772035d ago

Well in Germany it is out now for a while and it is neither quick nor fluid. A 'mess' is a pretty solid way of describing the new store. It looks a little nicer and that's about it. SONY was going for 'easier to find things' - well it is terribly worse to find things in this store. The article is completely right in that it states that previously you just had to check under 'new this week' and you were done. Now you check under 'New' and you get tons of old stuff and pre orders and tv shows and lots of unwanted stuff...

To make it worse the PS3 isn't even able to smoothly scroll the lists. At times it is an event of utter stutter.

The search seems a little more effective but is also pretty weired. As you type in 'Kill' you get Killzone 2, Killzone 3, Killzone 3 MP, Killzone Liberation and thats that. Now type in the Z and you finally find Killzone 1. Doesn't make any sense but that's the way it is.

Ron_Danger2035d ago


I'm guessing you've never played CoD on launch day

Razmossis2035d ago

Without getting into an argument over details, the bottom line for me personally is, I prefer the old store.

I was very surprised when the revamp was announced because there was no indication that a new store was even nessecary, to me it was fine how it was.

mt2035d ago

@faysal no as a sony fan and as a customer I expect it to be perfect or better. people like make company lazy by saying "anything that comes out has problem on day 1" , I know humans make mistakes but I always expect perfect nevertheless.

faysal2035d ago

@mt nothing is perfect, not even us human are perfect. you can think its perfect but some one will find flaws.. theres always room for improvement. i had ps3 on the launch month so i visited the old store a lot and got bored of it. the new store (to me) is nicer and more fluid.
sony isn't a lazy company they launched the store in EU and it had problems so they quickly took it off and made it better. now i don't think that's called lazy. there is a difference between complaining to make things better vs just being impatient and making judgment way too early.

Dee_912035d ago

better than perfect?..... well thanks for letting me know people have unreal expectations... Now I feel even more secure ignoring opinions :)

mt2035d ago

@Dmarc that was a typo I meant perfect or better than the previous product. now move along kid.

@faysal dude trust me I like sony I only have ps3, vita, and psp. but it has noting to do with sony. I am not siding with sony or any other shall I say producer companies. I am just like, we are the consumers. and as consumers we always expect perfect products, that is a given, regardless the fact if it is faulty or not. that is my point I hope you get it.

pixelsword2035d ago

My big question is who asked for the change? Nobody was dissatisfied with the last one. I haven't seen it yet, but I don't think I want to now.

faysal2035d ago

@mt yes we as a consumer have expectation i get your point. but the new store is app based and can be updated anytime fixing all the problems. it just came out for you guys and people are complaining already bout its slow.. let it be few days if its still slow then complain.. you know you cant just have a child and expect them to walk/talk straight away.. give it time and it will be in your favor. being impatient only gets you in trouble my friend :) hope you get what im trying o say.

Imalwaysright2034d ago

Give it time? Its worse than it was before! It didnt needed to be perfect, it needed to be better and the new store fails miserably at it. Its a pain to find something specific in the new store because the games are no longer categorized by their name and the loading times are annoying. There are no excuses. If you make a upgrade at least make sure its better than it was before. The new store feels more like a downgrade to me.

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Blastoise2035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

It is slow. I don't mind the layout, I can find anything without too much difficulty. I just hate waiting for it to start up, takes longer than the old one.

I hope they can fix it so it starts up faster

kikizoo2035d ago

Slower to launch, but way faster after that...

the real problem is when you have to click several time to "buy" a free stuff now.

MEsoJD2035d ago

It seemed pretty responsive to me. Though I have a cable connection... Anyway I like the new look.

xtremeimport2035d ago

Sony's speciality isnt software okay! lol

oh well, its just a hiccup. they'll fix it over time.

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mafiahajeri2035d ago

I got a 360 vibe from it But it is slow

bubblebeam2035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

Same. The xbox 360's new one suffers from the same crap though. It is much slower and there is no A-Z option to look for retail games, so you have to type it in manually with your crappy controller.

I think Sony and Microsoft are trying to look a lot like the setup on phones and whatnot. They are both convoluted messes, and I wish they went back to an older style.

Also, the movies have no place amongst the games. That's why I don't like the 360 dashboard. Shove that crap away.

wages of sin2035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

What you said is not true. At least part of it anyway.

It loads far faster than before. Maybe it's slower for you for some reason, I can't despute that. But you're wrong on the serach options. Once you hit games and go to either arcade, on demand etc., they have a dedicated tab that says "A-Z." Don't know how you missed that.

OT: There are sooooo many hypocrites commmenting in here right now. You woulnd't and don't afford the "be patient" argument for anyone but Sony. The pretzels some of you twist yourselves are impressive.

bubblebeam2035d ago

@wages of sin

"Once you hit games and go to either arcade, on demand etc., they have a dedicated tab that says "A-Z." Don't know how you missed that."

That's why I said; "there is no A-Z option to look for retail games". Don't know how you missed that.

Yes, I am well aware there is an A-Z option for arcade, demos etc. but there is NO OPTION in the first tab for full retail games. I try to be specific and people still don't understand......

leogets2035d ago

Well there are options like the keypad or a usb keyboard.cant be no worse than xbox confusing keyboard layout. Querty keys layout is standard. Not this abcd shit

bubblebeam2035d ago


I think leo DOESN'T get. We are talking about an A-Z option of games, not keyboard set-up.

Plus, its qwerty, not "querty". As in the first 6 keys of the top row of letters on your keyboard.

Also, it is just plain annoying that I should have to type the game in slowly, when it used to work better. Saying you can BUY a keypad misses the point that I didn't need one in the first place.

Alls I'm saying is that the Xbox dashboard went backwards in SOME areas, just like the PS3's XMB. I'm more optimistic that the XMB will be fixed though.

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Drakesfortune2035d ago

Am I the only one who isn't experiencing any problems with it?

Knight_Crawler2035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

You must live next a Verizon LTE power station :)

My only compliant is the slow load time.

Hellsvacancy2035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

Im in the UK, loads up in about 5 seconds for me, dunno if thats your idea of slow

The new store is ok, i prefer the old

DivineAssault 2035d ago

Can us americans experience this 1st hand to pass judgement for ourselves please? Im sure it just takes getting used to.. How is the preview streaming anyway? thats what im most excited about with this..

DarthBigE2035d ago

you can make a UK account

Knight_Crawler2035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

Was thinking the same thing, that's what I did.

Edit: LOL at the I guess I did not create a UK account :(

hennessey862035d ago

I have a very good connection and its still slow.