Minor Console Aggravation: Those Darn PS3 Installations

Kotaku - Download a game on the Xbox 360 or the Wii and you're good to go. You can play it. Download a game on the PS3 and you just might have to then tell the PS3 to install it.

You have to manually install any game that you have downloaded in the background. This is strange, sort of like the PS3 is getting back at you for being an efficient multi-tasker. By allowing background downloading, the PS3 is respecting your time and not forcing you to sit through a download. But by requiring you to find the bubble icon that represents the game you just downloaded, click it and install the game, it's just finding a different way to hassle you. Why do I need to tell the PS3 I want to install the game? What else does this system think I want to do with the game I just downloaded??

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JellyJelly2092d ago

I think it's good that they give us the choice of installing or not installing the game, unlike the 360 or the Wii that installs stuff without any approval.

Nevers0ft2092d ago

That's all well and good but why would you be downloading the game if you didn't want to install it? It's like paying for a hooker then just spooning.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32092d ago

"I think it's good that they give us the choice of installing or not installing the game, unlike the 360 or the Wii that installs stuff without any approval."


cpayne932092d ago

@WrAiTh Lol it's funny the way some people will turn a negative into a positive.

mayberry2092d ago

I download games pretty frequently that I dont install because my hdd is really full and ps+ free games get deleted at times. nice feature to have imho

gaffyh2092d ago

It should just do it in the background, but obviously this is a RAM limitation of the PS3. One good thing though is that you can download multiple games, and then choose "Switch off PS3 after downloading" from the power off option, and when it will automatically download and install all the games. That's a pretty nifty feature.

cpayne932092d ago

Wow thats a lot of disagrees. :( I'm not trolling, I just thought it was funny the way Jelly turned that around.

flyinrhyno2092d ago

Because unlike on Wii and 360 if you download and don't have enough space to install, you have a step in-between to manage your files and delete something to make room before installing. Sometimes download size and install size are different.

knowyourstuff2092d ago

Really? If you're one of these people who can't wait a few minutes, get up off your a$$ and do something physical. Or go make a sandwhich. Or if you're a stoner, nailed to the couch with no hope of ever getting off of it, buy a 7200 RPM or more harddrive for faster installs. I never quite got why people complain about taking a break from staring at the tv for hours on end - it's good for your health to stop staring at it and do something else.

SilentNegotiator2091d ago

You don't buy hookers for just a spoon sometimes? Guess it's just me.

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Blankman852092d ago

Are you high?? Why did you download the game them if you didn't want it installed?? How is that a good thing? Your reasoning is weak. I know you love your PS3 and absolutely hate ANY negative talk about it but today you've just gone too far and way too lame.

Outside_ofthe_Box2092d ago

***"I know you love your PS3 and absolutely hate ANY negative talk about it but today you've just gone too far and way too lame."***

Umm LOL.

Please look at jelly's post history and you'll see that he's on your side...

insomnium22092d ago

Sssshh Outside!

I was enjoying this. Jelly just trolled the entire internets.

admiralvic2091d ago

You got to transfer install data to the PSP / Vita to install them on your system. For that reason alone, the choice makes sense.

Either or, you can select turn off button in the xmb and set your ps3 to install this stuff while you sleep or do something else. Really stupid complaint in the end.

Servbot412092d ago

Opposed to the PS3, which asked you if you want Singstar on top of your games menu. Oh, wait...

dazzrazz2092d ago

WTF are you talking about op ??? 0_o

wishingW3L2092d ago (Edited 2092d ago )

there is no point to that choice....

kreate2092d ago

I download and install software on my phone and my pc. So I'm use to this. Nothing wrong w ps3 doing the same thing.

Xbox is just more convenient on this aspect. But if ppl gonna complain about this on the ps3. Ppl should also complain about smartphone games and pc games. Some pc games requires 5 disk installation than update installations once u log on and forces u to watch the installation screen.

JamieLeeC932092d ago

You're fucking joking.. So you would rather download a game first then think whether you really wanted it in the first place in case you changed your mind?

Oh_Yeah2091d ago

We already download the obviously we WANT THE DAMN THING INSTALLED!

humbleopinion2091d ago

Xbox downloaded games are not installed. They are plain executable so no install is required.

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GribbleGrunger2092d ago

Yeah, I have to agree that it isn't as good as it could be. I never understood why it was that once I'd downloaded a game it then had to install it too. I guess I just take it for granted now and accept it as a PS3 eccentricity.

Tetsujin2092d ago

Slow news day, and grasping at straws at this point

yess2092d ago

And so effing what, make a cup of coffea, drink a beer, do something else for a couple of minuts and you are good to go...

karlowma2092d ago

The article is called Minor Console Aggravation. Minor. What were you expecting?

And it is annoying. The PS3 seems dead set against multitasking in general.

I use my PS3 a couple times a week, mainly for Netflix. It seems like every time I turn the thing on, I have to wait 10 mins for it to download and install a system update before I can do anything; the latest example being a few days ago, trying to start up Netflix and I have a painfully slow update to add Vita trophies or some shit? I don't even have a Vita.

execution172092d ago

O.o yours updates every time you turn it on?

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