Video Game Experiment Teaches Angry Kids Not To Rage Against The Machine This study examined kids between the ages of 9 and 17 years old who were undergoing inpatient treatment at the hospital’s psychiatry service, diagnosed with “extremely high levels of anger.” So those are some pissed off kids. One group got the standard anger-management therapy, a second got the therapy plus the video game. Those who played the video game did better and said it helped more.

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Razgriz3832094d ago

Pffft, all video games are complete evil and promote everything negative in the world.

Gotta love those people.

NeXXXuS2094d ago

I find video games are a better stress reliever than going to a professional.

bubblebeam2094d ago

Is that you or the escaped psychopath as your display picture talking?

Either way, I think it depends on what game. Some games have such horrific controls that it makes me want to punch the developers.

NeXXXuS2093d ago

because i'm going to plunder and pillage an entire community XD

bubblebeam2092d ago

Hahahaha. Your pic is so funny. Whenever I see it I think of some cheesy french porno lol.

Psychologists are pathetic. Become a real scientist and invent something, instead of pretending to know more about someone than they do themselves.

God I hope there is a zombie outbreak, as us gamers will be the go to guys ;)

moparful992094d ago

Unless its an online multiplayer game then It has the opposite effect on me! I broke a dual shock 3 controller in half like you would break a loaf of bread... It was ugly

CrimsonessCross2094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

I'm guilty of screwing up an X360 controller over Mile High Club because of how they made it look so simple and I couldn't replicate the way they did it because the AI wouldn't cooperate! >.< .It still worked but the right handle at the bottom was cracked open, NOT as bad as the picture illustrated though. (over time, a long time ago I did get it...but it was after like a couple hundred tries)

Otherwise now I've learned not to break a costly piece of equipment (they break themselves anyways =.= one of the sticks is already loose enough to let a person drag away instead of hitting the dead center)

I've learned my lesson though...don't take sh** too seriously and don't throw fits...step away and breathe if possible; or use that energy to kick whatever's ass in getting through or accomplish...or just leave and find a new lobby :P :)

Anyways, games are a great outlet for anything you feel, depending on what game it is and what the goal of the game is (of course referring back to what game).

Chuk52093d ago

So this article isn't about the band?

I have been tricked.

Saturne32093d ago (Edited 2093d ago )

the day i broke a DS3 was the day i stopped taking online games seriously.

its not worth it. the latency was always one of the main reasons i always got pissed.

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