BootHammer: Street Fighter X Tekken Review (PlayStation Vita)

Street Fighter X Tekken is without a doubt one of the greatest titles released yet for the PlayStation Vita. It manages to pack in an enormous amount of characters, features and online options. The experience itself from the arcade modes to online Cross-Platform Play is thrilling to play.

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Shiny2159d ago

Wow, 10 out of 10.
That's what happens when devs who aren't lazy make a game on the Vita.

pandatomsk2159d ago (Edited 2159d ago )

hate to burst your bubble but the cross play invite system is completely broken. the only way cross play works is by creating a lobby and letting your friends come find you. not to mention the fact that the 12 characters we were promised would work with the ps3 version, don't. As much as I'd love for this game to be perfect, it is FAR from it. (see:

Kingthrash3602159d ago

Sounds like something a patch would fix to me, shouldn't affect the rating tho. I could see if it was a bad port.... Like say ANYTHING EA has ported for the vita. its a near perfect port from a game that's 12 gigs, cramed into a game that's 2.1 gigs, that in my opinion, is an absolute triumph..... I'm just sayin.

pandatomsk2159d ago (Edited 2159d ago )

@king: I'm not saying the game's bad, its just not a perfect 10 when it can't even do invites correctly, dlc issues aside. the playstation allstars BETA does invites well, whereas SFxT was announced at the japanese vita reveal at tgs 2011, WELL before PS Allstars was even considered for the vita. given the time, the game is certainly an achievement but not one well executed. I mean, cross-play is one the biggest features for the vita version and it's not even implemented correctly. 8 months after the original release, it seems like that would have been an easy catch to make.

admiralvic2159d ago


Well thats something of a catch 22 when reviewing something. On one hand a patch could fix it, but we don't know when, where, or if it will ever even happen. Several games have actually received price cuts before any of these issues were ever fixed and sometimes they actually aren't ever fixed. You can also further this point to resolve a lot of fighting game issues. Lets say Bryan is overpowered, in theory they could find a way to even him out, which would make any comments about balancing invalid. We also still don't know how Sony / Capcom is going to handle the DLC issue, which is the biggest problem with the game. If you don't know, the code in the box doesn't unlock what it says, and only gives you the alts for the DLC characters. The preorder code gives you the 38 other characters promised, but it's not a cross buy. For many people this is a way to justify paying for the DLC characters, so until it's resolved, this game lacks value for them.

In the end, you review the product in it's current state. Some patches cause more issues, some patches fix issues and some never happen. Since we can't predict how these things will turn out, it's best to always assume the current version is the final version and wait. Everything drops, so in the end it should even out (so long as it's not absurd like Amy).

Kingthrash3602159d ago

I hear you and your point is Correct, we just look at things different. My view is I wouldn't take points away from a game if it has a problem that could be fixed through a patch, like in this case cross play. I would however take points for the things that can't be fixed how fun is it or poor porting like FIFA. I haven't played the psv version yet to agree or disagree with a perfect score but the perfect score is for a psv fighting game. Compared to other psv fighting games and all the good reviews I've seen it should be easy to get a prefect score.

kopicha2159d ago (Edited 2159d ago )

actually the cross invite issue is not an issue with the game. it is more on the interoperability between Vita ans PS3. So I think you are putting the blame on the wrong place. That is not something that the game deserve demerit from. You can try it yourself. Any message you attempt to send from Vita to PS3 is different for PS3 to PS3. If you attempt to sent something that includes an invitation to something, PS3 will always receive it as an attachment that PS3 could not deal with. So it is more like Sony still need to further improve and make the messaging system more unified between Vita and PS3. If anyone not believe this can do a test yourself with your Vita Party or Messaging app with a PS3 and you will know what I mean.

So the game itself easily deserve a 9/10 or 10/10 if one who actually appreciate the actual game itself especially given how well it run on Vita. DLC issue has nothing to do with the game itself either. All these are technical issues outside of the actual game itself on Vita. So it is quite unfair to use them as a demerit factor.

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DivineAssault 2159d ago

I picked this up & its a great game.. Almost console perfect & runs beautifully on vita.. I never bought the console version because i knew this would have more features & characters already unlocked.. It looks & runs great.. Just wish it wouldve been $30 like on the consoles but if u factor in the DLC, this was a better value & its on the go, pick up n play anywhere..

2159d ago