Digital Foundry vs. Forza Horizon

Digital Foundry - "A new bar in console racing game technology? Digital Foundry presents its take on Playground's debut title."

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hennessey862153d ago

And it shows what a technical achievement forza horizon is

MikeMyers2153d ago

Technically it sounds quite impressive given the hardware it's on.

Me-Time2153d ago (Edited 2153d ago )

+720p, 30fps, and the hardest the system ever works itself is at the festival

if there were actual cities, not towns with small buildings, in Horizon like I hoped, then it'd be impressive. oh yea, easily noticeable, toned-back physics. and it wasn't to make the game more accessible. That's what the driving assists are for.

What MikeMyers means is that it would be even more impressive if it was on the PS3, specifically because of the lack of RAM.

Knight_Crawler2153d ago (Edited 2153d ago )

LMFAO...dude your jelly is showing.

Why don't you go read about your AMAZING Gran Tourismo and Killzone instead of trolling 360 related articles.

I guess you are one of those people who still believe that the PS3 is made from pixie dust and black magic.

greenpowerz2153d ago

This troll is trying his hardest to give the illusion of objectivity.

As the reviews suggest, this game is a technical marvel and shows what devs can do if motivated. It shows MSFT doesn't push their hardware like their competition does.

wishingW3L2153d ago (Edited 2153d ago )

I was going to write a very similar post. Forza Horizon sacrificed lots of stuff for the sake of the open world. Stuff like physics, and frame-rate are considerably worse than the main series but people disagree because of fanboyism. Like always... I mean, even DF says it:

"It's understandable, of course. Moving to an open world represents some fundamental technical challenges."

MikeMyers2153d ago

Just to be clear, in no way was I thinking of the PS3 in my earlier comment. I was actually giving praise to how much they are able to get out of the Xbox 360 and how the games still stand up (technically) today.

FordGTGuy2153d ago

Same physics engine running at the same 360 fps, troll harder troll.

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TheKayle2153d ago (Edited 2153d ago )

technically its sound quite impressive for every console

read the article..pls

vikingland12153d ago

I just bought this game yesterday! Not very far into it yet but I can say it's a smooth engine.

Blankman852153d ago

Meh, just Forza being brilliant as usual, nothing new to see here folks

vega2752153d ago

Honestly was there really any doubt when it comes to forza

mcstorm2153d ago

All i can sayis playground have some of the best developers around. Got my copy of the game yesterday and its amazing.

It just shows that even with old hardware you can still push it to the max and even if you drop fps ect you can still make it look and play amazing.

I cant wait to see what turn 10 do with forza 5 and playground do with a forza horizon 2 on the next xbox if 4 and horizon look like they do on the 360.

Add halo 4 to this list too and it shows microsoft have 3 studios that can show off the power of the console.

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