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Submitted by whalecakes 1203d ago | review

Whalecakes Reviews Medal of Honor: Warfighter

Omnigamer says" Hey guys this is Whalecakes aka Anthony. I just got through playing many hours of Warfighter and it is a blast. If you want more information check out the video below. It is my review on the multiplayer part of the game." (Medal of Honor: Warfighter, PC, PS3, Xbox 360) 5/5

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SpitTake  +   1203d ago
You know you have very low standards when this is 5/5
OneAboveAll  +   1203d ago
Says your opinion.
otherZinc  +   1202d ago
This dude has the lowest standards of "all times"!

This game is pure S***!
Bumpmapping  +   1203d ago
5/5 LOL sun shines down on a dog ass every once in a while.
SageHonor  +   1202d ago
Okay this analogy made me laugh
Crazay  +   1203d ago
I didn't hate the game like so many seem to be hating on it but a 5/5 it's not. At best...VERY BEST, it's a 3.5 but even that might be a bit of a stretch. Campaign was short, story was generic, levels were fairly generic too. Honestly haven't had much time to play online because AC3 wound up in my mailbox yesterday so now I'm just eating that up.
Pintheshadows  +   1202d ago
'AC3 wound up in my mailbox yesterday'

So this is what envy feels like.
furorco  +   1203d ago
Iv got a lot of game-play in. I am not enjoying myself as I was hoping. The last thing I experienced was a load error where I couldn't re-spawn. I wouldn't give this game a 5 of 5 rating.
TheGOODKyle  +   1203d ago
Not sure if serious or being an expert troll
shammgod  +   1202d ago
Joke review. Has to be
csreynolds  +   1202d ago
Hmmm. Not sure 5/5 is an accurate score...
hiredhelp  +   1202d ago
Games still new few thiings need looking into after few updates should be much better game.
That being said this did feel like mix of cod and moh but you know what i liked that its fun
Alot of hate starting to p#ss me off, BF3 got knocked short campign generic MOH/W. Generic and short anyways does this game deserve 5/5 No very few in my oppinion gets a 5/5 10/10
Taken into acount gameplay,visuals,story,playabi llity i give it a 8/10. 3.5/5
Slysi  +   1202d ago
I'll have some of what this reviewer is on plz. You are joking yeah 5/5, I've actually got the game and at best it's 2/5, mp graphics remind me off ps2 days.
Norrison  +   1202d ago
On console, on PC they're mind blowing.
JKelloggs  +   1202d ago
I'd say they're good, but not mind blowing
Slysi  +   1202d ago
@ pintheshadows I'm with you there. I want ac3 so bad
WeskerChildReborned  +   1202d ago
Well this is from a place called Whalecakes so...
chukamachine  +   1202d ago
Haven't played it, looks ok in the vids. Not sure what's so bad about it.

fps campaigns are never that good tbh.

BF2 did not have one, but was one of the best mp's around.

I've had BF3 since it came out and haven't even finished the campaign.
0neShot  +   1201d ago
The Omni gamer site is actually a joke gaming site.

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